Model Leomie Anderson Talks Backstage Naps And Her 21st Birthday At London Fashion Week

By Kate Lloyd - 4 December 2014

Digital Writer


You might recognise model Leomie Anderson from 2011 reality TV show The Model Agency. Perky, hilarious and loads of fun, she was one of our favourite things about the programme depicting life at her agency Premier Models. Since then she's become a regular at fashion weeks around the world and runs lively blog  Cracked China Cup

This season she's walked for Vivienne Westwood, Jeremy Scott and Oscar de la Renta and she's probably she one of the most fun models you'll ever bump into backstage. We caught up with her at the Temperley show to chat about the cold weather in New York, her 21st birthday (which fell in the middle of London Fashion Week) and how she gets enough sleep during Fashion Month. 

Grazia Daily: How's your fashion month going?

Leomie: In New York I did 14 shows including Jeremy Scott and Oscar de la Renta which I'm very happy about. Here I'm doing Temperley and Vivienne Westwood.

Grazia Daily: How much sleep have you had?

Leomie: Not very much actually! I always try and sleep when I get my make-up done. It's really good because you've got the stroking of the brushes, the sound of hairdryers in the background and the lights are warm. A tip for any models is to sleep when you get your make-up done but don't headbutt the make-up artist. I've done that before.

Grazia Daily: How was New York?

Leomie: No joke - New York was painfully cold! All the girls were wandering round in these little skinny jeans and when you'd check where you were going and you had your hand out of your glove it was freezing. I wanted to cry but my tears would have been ice drops! I'm not exaggerating! I was like 'I can't do this anymore' but I had to. 

[Leomie Anderson Instragam]

Grazia Daily: It was your birthday on Friday, right?

Leomie: It was my 21st birthday on Valentine's Day! So for all those who don't have a relationship you can celebrate my birthday and buy me things instead. Haha! I went to Nobu. My friends bought me an amazing cake. It's my body as a cake with boxers on because I always wear boxers. And they bought be a bottle of Grey Goose as well because Grey Goose is my favourite drink. Oh and my brother got me an amazing rainbow cake because I always try and make it and the colours never work. My brother got my diamond necklace as well - oh yeah I forgot about that, I'm like 'Cake! Cake! Cake!' -  and my agency got me a really beautiful present as well.

Grazia Daily: Which bit of your body did you eat?

Leomie: I haven't eaten it yet because I couldn't eat myself. That's my problem.

Grazia Daily: How do you keep your blogging up during fashion week?

Leomie: You know what, I haven't blogged in two weeks but today I'm shooting a 'wardrobe post'. I was trying but it's been hard. In New York I did the social media for Kenneth Cole. It's more stressful when I have to do it, like if there was a time when I didn't have internet or something like that. It's just seems natural to take pictures though.

[Grazia Daily]

Grazia Daily: Where's your jacket from?

Leomie: My jacket from & Other Stories and I bought it yesterday. It's neoprene denim that I'm very into. My top is from Zara, but then I've teamed it with a Nike sports crop top for 'dimensions'. My jeans are just from Topshop - the regular people's section not the tall hence I've got so much ankle space. Trainers are Chanel and my bag is from Topshop in the sale - £60 to £20 pounds - a bargain. 

I only wear trainers, I've got like 30 pairs. I don't wear heels, they make your feet ugly. My feet have turned ugly now because of the shows. Starting to not look really cute anymore. It's sad.


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