Karlie Kloss On BFF Cara Delevingne And Being A Victoria’s Secret Angel: EXCLUSIVE

By Katherine Ormerod - 26 November 2014

Senior Fashion News & Features Editor

Karlie Kloss On BFF Cara Delevingne And Being A Victoria’s Secret Angel: EXCLUSIVE

When it comes to our favourite models of all time, Karlie Kloss certainly ranks pretty highly. Currently rated #2 top model in the world by models.com, Karlie is the whole package – gorgeous, sparklingly intelligent, and polite to a fault. Grazia caught up with the 20 year old beauty to talk about her collaboration with FRAME denim and while you’ll have to pick up a copy of the new issue to read the full interview, Karlie kindly answered a few questions for yours truly...

Karlie Kloss Models Her Forever Karlie Jeans for FRAME

Graziadaily: How did you feel when you first walked for Victoria’s Secret?

Karlie Kloss: I think for me it’s incredibly special to work with Victoria’s Secret. So many people connect with the brand and it’s amazing that so many more people around the world see the show. I grew up idolizing the women from Victoria’s Secret – Gisele and these beautiful women that set the bar in beauty. They are all so beautiful and confident, healthy and sexy. To be an ambassador for the brand and embody that woman is a huge honour for me.

Graziadaily: Onto your incredible body – do you put in hardcore hours at the gym?

Karlie Kloss: I’m not a crazy exerciser. I guess I should step up my game a little bit! I mean the Victoria’s Secrets girls are serious Olympic athletes. I’m a ballerina and I’ve always been really tall and for me it’s about building muscle through dance and being strong. And being healthy, that’s what’s sexy for me.

Grazidaily: You are close friends with Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn...

Karlie Kloss: I’ve been doing the shows with Cara and Jourdan since we were 15 and we’ve made some incredible memories together. Working at the shows you have a lot of late-night fittings and early morning call times  - it can be beyond exhausting. But we manage to make it fun by getting into trouble along the way. You know just being normal 20 year olds. I mean Cara is real, she’s just totally honest about who she is and I think people love her for that, I mean I love her for that. She’s an amazing friend and always fun to be around - there’s no doubt about that. Cara and Jourdan support me in everything that I do, I couldn’t do this job without them.”

Karlie Kloss Models Her Forever Karlie Jeans for FRAME

GraziaDaily: What are you wearing right now?

Karlie Kloss: I’m wearing my Forever Karlie jeans in the light wash skinny, a pair of black Repetto ballet pumps, an Alexander Wang leather clutch, a bracelet from Cartier, my Micheal Kors watch and my Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater.

Graziadaily: What is a typical Sunday afternoon like for you at Casa Karlie?

Karlie Kloss: Sundays are about big family dinners with my whole family. My mom will make something delicious and it will be just a nice family day where we all just catch up and spend time together. I’m a big (American) football fan, so if it’s a Sunday during the football season I'll definitely be watching that. I love baseball and basketball and I always read the sports section first….Big sports fan!

Graziadaily: Are you a good cook too?

Karlie Kloss: I love cooking – Jourdan [Dunn] is actually a really, really good cook, I was just on her [YouTube] show. I love fish especially salmon and spiced fish and I put hot sauce on everything! Now this is so cliché model, but I really love salmon and vegetables. And I also have a massive thing for curry.

Grazidaily: You grew up with three sisters, tell us about the Kloss girl gang.

Karlie Kloss: My sisters [twins Kariann and Kimberley, both 17, and elder sister Kristine, 23] and I are all incredibly different. They are all amazing! My sisters are all beautiful – there are 4 of us and each of us looks entirely different. We joke that we must all have four different sets of parents! The stork must have got mixed up! My elder sister Kristine has been helping me since she graduated - she's with me in New York and works and travels with me to all the shows. She also helps me with all my new projects like for instance these jeans and with Karlie's cookies.

The Kloss sisters: Karlie, twins Kimberley and Kariann, Kristine

Graziadaily: Do you see yourself having a family?

I absolutely see myself having a big family too. I mean I grew up in a big family and know that family always comes first. I think that when the time's right I'll have a family of my own. I really respect and admire all the women in the modeling industry who have managed to keep their supermodel status and have their families. Look at Natalia and Gisele and now Lara – it’s almost a trend!

Graziadaily: Do you drive?

Karlie Kloss: Yes! I love to drive – I got my license at 16 and I have this amazing car in New York, it's a Mercedes.

Graziadaily: What is in your handbag right now?

Karlie Kloss: In my handbag right now I have my passport, my credit card, my mascara, a scrunchie – you know a proper fabric scrunchie - and a concealer called RMS beauty. And that’s it!

Karlie Kloss Talks Cara Delevingne And Being A Victoria’s Secret Angel: EXCLUSIVE

Karlie Kloss for Victoria's Secret

Graziadaily: What is your all-time favourite catwalk moment?

Karlie Kloss: Opening Dior with John Galliano for the first time is probably my most memorable catwalk moment. And my first show for Calvin Klein was definitely an experience – Francisco Costa (Women's Creative Director of Calvin Klein Collection) has been such an incredible supporter.

Grazidaily: What is your go-to manicure polish?

Karlie Kloss: I’m definitely a manicure girl, 100%! But I’m not really about crazy nail art, I love Essie’s Ballet Slippers on the nail, it’s just super clean and chic.

See Karlie's greatest style hits in the gallery below...


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