Jennifer Aniston Style - Best Dresses & Outfits

By Contributor - 14 November 2014


Jennifer Aniston Style - Best Dresses & Outfits

Jennifer Aniston needs no introduction as the former Friends star has covered more magazines then we could even begin to count. Jen's style is hardly ground-breaking, as she is classic, glossy and oh-so predictable.

She has a clear red carpet formula as she sticks to black floorsweepers, plunging necklines, minis, tuxedos and nude Valentino. She is a fan of a black leather mini, as she wore a Christian Dior dress to the 2013 People's Choice Awards, a Celine number to the Horrible Bosses London photocall in 2011 and a one-shoulder leather Valentino mini to the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. What about the labels? Jennifer Aniston mixes it up with a touch of Balenciaga and a serving of Dolce, but she is a loyal fan of Valentino.

Jen's off duty look hasn't changed much since her days as Rachel Green, as she sticks to denim cut-offs, tank tops, pashminas and flip flops. She's not one to take a risk - c'mon you're never going to catch her in neon or high tops. But we have to admit there has been a slight transformation in her signature style recently thanks to hubby-to-be Justin Theroux.

It's not exactly a Kimye-esque transformation and we doubt she's thrown out any of her LBDs just yet, but Jen has started experimenting with brighter colours and turning a liiiitle bit hipster. Yep that's right, America's sweetheart has been experimenting with trilbies, chunky biker boots and aviators and she even got.... a tattoo. Justin hasn't only given her a new matchy-matchy style, but also bought her the most bling-tastic engagement ring which almost swallows up her whole finger.


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