It's Bambi Mania! The Fash Pack Go Wild For Givenchy's Bambi Sweatshirt

By Emma Spedding - 11 November 2014

Deputy Digital Editor

It's Bambi Mania! The Fash Pack Go Wild For Givenchy's Bambi Sweatshirt

There are some items that are destined to be a fashion headliner as soon as they hit the runway: the hula hoop Chanel bag, the 'parental advisory' Alexander Wang sweatshirt, the Isabel Marant sneaker. Mr Riccardo Tisci understands how a fashion frenzy works. The Rottweiler Givenchy tee has been shoved to the back of fashionista's draws, as this season it's all about the Bambi. 

Last season our ears pricked up when we saw this Disney-inspired print sweatshirt hit the runway. What followed can only be described as Bambi mania. The front row at Givenchy on Sunday evening was a sea of Bambis, as editors, slashies and young starlets all wore the Bambi. A fashion faux pas, you cry? Nah, these guys loved it as Anna Dello Russo proudly Instagrammed a picture of the Bambi sweatshirts squared.

north west, bambi, givenchy

North West's custom Givenchy Bambi tee

The Bambi can be styled in different ways as you can make like Anna Dello Russo and Lily Collins and wear it with a belt and bare legs. Or do a Carine Roitfeld, who wore her Bambi with a sheer spotty skirt on the red carpet at the Met Ball. Alexa Chung, Elle Fanning and Amanda Seyfried have all been bambinas this season. If you want to join the Bambi crew, the sleeveless tee can be yours for £355 and is still available to buy at Selfridges.  

But the best Bambi of all is little North West, as Riccardo has made her a custom baby Bambi tee. Nori has the best Paris Fashion Week wardrobe ev-ah, as she boasts mini Wang, Lanvin and Celine. Yup, our ovaries are about to explode. 

Meet the Givenchy bambinas in the gallery above...


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