Instagram Pics Of The Day: How Is Selena Gomez Celebrating Her Birthday? With Cara Delevingne, Of Course!

By Anna Dewhurst - 7 December 2014

Senior Picture Editor: Digital & Print

Happy 22nd Birthday, Selena Gomez! And what better way to celebrate than a yacht party with party-queen and new BFF, Cara Delevingne?! Both Selena and Cara took to Instagram today to share pics from their St Tropez jaunt. And what a jaunt... arrival to the yacht by helicoptor (after a test-drive by Cara obvs), jumping in the sea whilst still in full attire, a trip to A-list haunt, Club 55 and of course gazillions of selfies with that ocean hair. What's not to like?! We can't get enough of this dream team.

And whilst Cara is hanging out with her new 'musketeers', ex-wifey Rita Ora shared snaps of her 'squad' at a theme park on Instagram. Whilst we loved the pic of Rita and co. loving life on a rollercoaster at midnight, it isn't quite taking St Tropez by helicopter...

Elsewhere on Instagram, Jennifer Lopez got her fabulous abs out in a bikini, shot by best friend, Leah Remini. Despite Leah shouting 'Don't Move', J-Lo assures us she is #notmad. Err, obviously. We would be thrilled if our BFF took such a smoking shot of us. Miley Cyrus got out her abs and the rest for another topless selfie, in tiny denim cut-offs, this time narrowly avoiding 'nipplegate' with a crafty back shot. Clever.

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