Instagram Pics Of The Day: Flashback Friday Special Starring Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie

By Julia Fernandez - 4 December 2014

Community Editor

Not that you need a reason to smile on a Friday afternoon, but here at Grazia Daily, we like to spoil you rotten. Take a look at some of the best #ThrowbackThursday images of the week, which this time round featured socialite Paris Hilton, designer Nicole Richie, presenter Caroline Flack and Khloe from Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

The most surprising revelation of the week is that Caroline Flack has a twin - who knew? The Xtra Factor star, famed for dating One Direction's Harry Styles, has been sharing photos of herself and her sister showing off their matchy matchy early years style including high waisted jeans and mini shorts.

Although not actually related, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie must have had a lot of fun knocking around the Hilton mansion or Lionel Richie's backyard in their identical fairy costumes. Paris captioned the photo below 'Tinkerbell Twins for 6th Grade Halloween. We wonder which A-list stars they trick or treated!

And finally, the Kardashians are huge #ThrowbackThursday participants and we love this picture of a young Khloe being escorted to her first day of school by mum Kris Jenner. Little did her classmates know that Khloe's family would one day become more famous than The Brady Bunch.

1. Tinkerbell Twins Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie

2. Nicole Richie with her mum and dad (AKA Mr Lionel Richie)

3. Socialite Paris Hilton at her first black tie event

4. A young Caroline Flack with her twin sister

5. Ms Flack and her sis have always had a flare for fashion

6. Khloe Kardashian with mum Kris Jenner on her first day of school


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