10 Hot Instagram: Here Are Ellie Goulding’s Most Liked Photos

By Anna Dewhurst - 28 November 2014

Senior Picture Editor: Digital & Print

Here at Instagram Pics Of The Day (IPOTD), we love checking out rock chick, Ellie Goulding’s, Instagram snaps. This is in no small part due to 1. Those abs 2. That hot boyfriend (Dougie Poynter) 3. Those celeb pals. So with all this in mind, let's take a look at the chart topping singer’s most Liked Instagram moments...


1. The Chromeo gig

A snap of Ellie having a whale of a time, at a Chromeo gig, perched on top of a lucky man’s shoulders is her most EVER liked snap, with an impressive 244,000 likes.  Ms Goulding sports one of her trademark croptops and a huge smile, waving her hands in the air like she just don’t care.


2. A retro photoshoot

Ooh la la! A shot of a very retro Ellie makes the second slot with 236,000 likes. Those trademark locks are no longer: her tresses are shoulder length, tonged and all those tattoos are well covered. What a lady!


3. The flower girl

An ethereal, flower headband-adorned Ellie follows close behind with 233,000 likes. Ms Goulding goes doe-eyed to the max and gets all spring-time dream on us. We like.


4. Koala loving

Awww! A koala hangs onto a casually dressed Ellie, Down Under, and clings onto forth place (see what we did there?!) with an impressive 226,000 likes. This cutie is unstoppable.


5. Yo Bitch!

A bejeweled Ellie hangs out with NBF, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and his ‘pretty bird’ wife, Lauren, backstage at Coachella. All three look horribly excited. Which we love. But we mostly love just how much Aaron loves our Ellie.


6. Kangaroo time

There’s yet more animal magic, with a kangaroo hopping into sixth place during a tour of Oz, with a not too shabby 212,000 likes. Whilst this little fella is cute, he clearly isn’t a patch on the cuddly koala at number four.



A smokin' E.G. makes it to number six. With disheveled hair and lashings of mascara, ‘OMFG’ indeed, Ms Goulding. Ellie’s doorknocker earrings and hot bustier are toned down with a kooky snarl. No duck lips for this rock chick.


8. The Goulding goddess

The trademark waterfall locks are re-attached and Ellie makes like a Greek goddess in this on-stage photo. Although, on the basis of this outfit, with a thigh-high slash and a cut out panel to her midriff, we aren’t sure this tattooed goddess is making it through the pearly gates just yet.


9. The chic plait

It’s a very chic Ellie, sporting a simple monochromatic look, working as ‘British Designers Collective Ambassador’, that makes it into eighth place. Despite her white maxi skirt revealing a very toned bum, it’s her chunky loose braid that we can’t take our eyes off. That's hair-spiration, right there.


10. 'Bloody love Waitrose'

Weee! The sportily clad singer makes shopping look much more fun than it should be, in this snap taken at the supermarket giant, Waitrose. If all her shopping trips are like this then we aren’t surprised she looks so happy. And with 194,000 likes, she is clearly spreading the joy. Please can we come next time? Promise we’ll push the trolley.

A big thanks to BirdSong for the Instagram analytics and in case you want more, more, more (and who wouldn't?!)... Click Through The Gallery Below For More Of Ellie's Best Moments >>


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