Shop Iggy Azalea's 'Clueless' Wardrobe From The Rapper's 'Fancy' Video

By Kate Lloyd - 14 November 2014

Digital Writer

Iggy Azalea's 'Clueless' Wardrobe From The Rapper's 'Fancy' Video

Iggy Azalea has treated us some total sassy amazingness this morning. The Aussie rapper just dropped the video for track 'Fancy' with Charlie XCX and not only is the song a dancefloor-filling totally-awesome TUNE - the video is Clueless inspired! 

That's right, Iggy steps into Cher Horowitz' perfectly polished shoes for the clip in a series of near-perfect reenactments of her favourite scenes from the movie. Plus her recreations of Cher's outfits are spot on. 

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The video shows her picking an outfit for school using her super high-tech wardrobe before choosing THAT yellow tartan mini skirt and blazer. Then she's shown giving Amber a run for her money in debate class while Mr. Wendell Hall looks unimpressed. FYI - be prepared for a lot of hair flicking. 

Later in the flick she appears alongside a Dionne lookalike, strutting her stuff down the corridors of her school as well as eating her lunch in the courtyard with Tai (Charlie XCX). SO fierce. 

Iggy doesn't stop there though. A brief outfit change later and she recreates the party scene in the Valleys (sporting some delightful butterfly clips) dancing to 'Rollin' with ma homies' with Tai to help her seduce Elton. Later she heads out with Dionne and boyfriend Murray on her first drive on the motorway. Cue the same almost-run-over-by-a-truck incident from the film.

Our favourite scenes of all? Iggy donning Cher's 'unusual' PE kit (who else have you seen layer a crop top over a T-shirt for class?) to hit the tennis courts and the classroom scene with James Dean wannabe Christian smouldering in the background. (Mainly because we love Iggy's adorable pink and yellow knit.)

We adore Iggy's take on Cher's wardrobe. She adopts the classic knee-high socks, tartan two-pieces and perfect blow-dry and gives it all a fun Iggy twist. While Cher might pick a classic tennis dress, Iggy's is velour and has a Chanel logo print. And while Cher might team a tweed white mini with a pastel cropped jumper, Iggy's mini is fluffy and teamed with a cut-out crop top. Want to shop Iggy's Cher-inspired wardrobe? Here's what you're going to need...

From top left to top right: Fluffy mini - Motel, £32.00Leutton Postle jumper - Avenue 32, £385Whistles backpack - ASOS, £275.00

From bottom left to bottom right: Tartan brushed wool look blazer - Boohoo, £25.00Knee high socks - River Island, £3Lacoste polo top - ASOS, £48

Take a look at the best moments from the music video


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