Grazia Local York: Counterfeit Mulberry Online Store

By Hannah Almassi - 28 November 2014

Fashion News And Features Editor

In this week’s issue of Grazia we have credited in good faith within our Grazia Local ‘Hot Things To Do In York’ feature (page 149) a website pertaining to be a Mulberry outlet store. While the Mulberry factory store in York is genuine and sells Mulberry products, this website is definitively NOT and the goods being advertised are counterfeits. Please do not use this site under any circumstances to buy Mulberry goods.

Should you wish to purchase Mulberry, the official and genuine Mulberry website is Details of the Mulberry York store, and all other Mulberry stores can be found in the store locator section of Mulberry is working hard to protect its customers by taking down websites selling counterfeit goods.

We apologise to our readers for the inconvenience of this honest mistake and encourage you in this digital age, where we can all be so easily and dangerously duped, to always be wary of offers which seem too good to be true and potentially counterfeit websites and to always look for a telephone number and contact address for each and every site that you make purchases on.

Our participating Grazia Local York blogger Jen Holmes from did not supply us with this stockist information.

Do NOT use the website - Only ever


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