flashback friday kardashian family

By Emma Spedding - 4 December 2014

Deputy Digital Editor

Kim Kardashian has crossed off every Instagram trend going, from #whatimwearing posts to 'face dropping' (ie. having pictures taken with big names in Hollywood) to 'no she didn't' Instagrams (*cough, blood facial). So it is hardly surprising that the Instagram addict regularly types the words 'flashback Friday' into her iPhone. Of course this is a family that moves as a pack, so the whole Kardashian Klan are forever tweeting throwback snaps.

So what did Kim Kardashian look like before all that matchy matchy Givenchy and when she knew how to pronounce haute couture? Yesterday Kim tweeted a picture of her when she was small with Kourtney which proves that it was still all about the captial K for the mini Kardashians. As they  are wearing matching white letterman sweaters with a big pink K. 

Kris Jenner was practicing for her role of the momager back when they were small, as the Kardashians have tweeted many pictures remarking on how mama Kris used to dress them up. The little cuteys wore big bows in their hair, shiny party frocks and adorbs white frilly socks. Like any little princess Kim K was also a fan of Minnie Mouse as she posted a picture of her rockin' some adorbs Disney-tastic face paint. 

They were also seasoned matchy matchy dressers, as we uncovered a picture of Rob, Khloe, Kris and Kendall in head to toe Burberry check. Oh how we don't miss that trend.

The biggest shocker we had when looking through the Kardashian family album, was that Kim used to play football. Yes, good old British football. It's hard to imagine her tackling on the pitch and running the risk of mud going in her manicure.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look through the Kardashian family album in the gallery above


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