Model Flashback: Cara Delevingne Shows Some Things Never Change

By Emma Spedding - 18 November 2014

Deputy Digital Editor


Today Cara Delevingne took to twitter to treat us with another #ThrowbackThursday worthy picture, looking insanely adorable and as ever, pulling a funny little face.

Just in case that one wasn't enough and you're desperate to know what did she look like before she was a super duper mega model with a Burberry campaign and over one million twitter followers? Did she have the killer eyebrows? The same crazy expressions? We have delved into the archives to dig up some retro Delevingne snaps. Cara is a fan of the #FlashbackFriday instagram and regularly tweets childhood pictures of her and sisters Poppy and Chloe.

Of course it's always your siblings who embarass you the most and Poppy and Chloe Delevingne love to post old snaps of their baby sister. Poppy revealed a cherubic photo of her little sister Cara on LOVE Magazine's Instagram account, along with the caption "a wee @caradelevingne, photograph taken by me #justwanttokissthatface" - so cute! Chloe has recently added to our extensive baby Cara archive by sharing vintage Delevingne snaps - including ones of Cara as a bridesmaid.

Cara hasn't changed that much since she was tiny, as she still pulls the same wacktacular expressions. Cara posted a couple of throwback comparison snaps on Instagram, where she is wearing an identical beanie and is sporting the same winky grin.

Baby Cara has white blonde hair and gappy smile - adorable! Oh and on to the important matter of the eyebrows... of course she's always had them. When we asked her about how she grooms those bushy brows back at the British Fashion Awards she revealed she does nada to them as they are all natural. She said to Grazia Daily: 'I just let them be. I don't try and tame them, the wild beasts that they are. Just a little bit of eyebrow gel. Are they not drooping right now? Usually they droop a little bit.'

Cara has a tomboyish off-duty style, sticking to beanie hats, slogan tees and striped jeans and it seems she was a tomboy as a child as we've uncovered pics of her playing with a football with the boys at school. She was also a cheeky little toddler, as Cara posted a picture of her swearing with the caption 'Causing trouble from a young age.'

So who's ready to see baby Cara? Take a look at Queen Delevingne before her modelling days in the gallery below...



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