FIRST LOOK: Cara Delevingne's DKNY Collection Campaign Starring Instagram-Cast Models

By Emma Spedding - 19 November 2014

Deputy Digital Editor

UPDATE: Cara Delevingne had a month-long model search for her DKNY campaign, selecting six people from Instagram including a Glaswegian photographer and a Toni & Guy trainee. We already had a sneak peek at the campaign when Cara shared pictures of the crew hanging out together on Instagram (where else?!).

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In the images Cara wears her white and black jumpsuit with yellow beanie, and her yellow and green bomber. Unfortunately the onesie didn't make it into the campaign. We chatted to one of the campaign stars, Jalen Dominique, who said of working with Cara: "I've always thought Cara was a super cool chick and of course a bad-ass supermodel! It was everything and more. She's honestly so down-to-earth and its very rare to meet a soul like hers. Our birthdays a day apart! Lets go team Leo!"

The collection will be available for us to buy on, Net-A-Porter and on October 15.


13 August 2014: Cara's Designed Her Own Collection For DKNY

Cara Delevingne is on a mission to get into our wardrobes next season. First came her Mulberry bag collection, and now her full sports-tastic 15-piece capsule collection for DKNY has landed. Thanks to our friends over at Fashionista, we finally have a first look at her design work for DKNY. The big news is Cara Delevingne has finally designed her own... you guessed it... onesie.

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Cara Delevingne For DKNY Collection Models Cast On Instagram

Cara Delevingne's model shout out [Instagram]

Cara Delevingne has appeared in FOUR DKNY campaigns over the past two years, so this collection makes perfect sense. It's really a meeting of minds with Cara logo waistbands, jogging bottoms, sporty jumpsuits, bomber jackets, sports bras, logo-emblazoned beanies, hooded parks, a metallic blazer and urban tank tops.

As for the onesie, there are no animal ears. But it's a sporty take on Cara's wardrobe staple that you could actually wear off your sofa. Cara is of course obsessed with onesies, and she told us at last year: ‘I own over 30 and leave a trail of them at my friends’ houses.’

There's no question that Cara has been involved in this collaboration - she's already been the casting agent and stylist for the campaign. Now she's even put on her PR hat and written her own press release littered with exclamation marks and capital letters. She said of her collection: "They truly embrace the weirdness in all of us, so you can truly be yourself."

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As for how to wear the collection she writes: "there are 15 pieces to play with - no rules, no "looks," just opportunities. For me it starts with the crop top. It's essential." Read Cara's full press release below...


Has she convinced you to splurge?  See the full collection in the gallery above...


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