Everyone's Wearing Swedish Hasbeens: Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Williams & Maggie Gyllenhaal Sandal Up

By Catherine Nieto - 13 November 2014

Fashion Editor

Everyone's Wearing Swedish Hasbeens: Sarah Jessica Parker

Stockholm based accessories label Swedish Hasbeens has been on our radar for a while but with fashion's love for the clompy sandal showing no sign of waning these cool clog shoes are all we want to wear! And we're not the only ones, barely a day's gone by over the past couple of weeks that Sarah Jessica Parker hasn't been spotted in her extensive collection (see gallery above), the reason being (despite the fact that she's clearly a bit obsessed with them) Swedish Hasbeens are the perfect shoes for now...

Swedish Hasbeens Creative Director, Emy Blixt wearing the Heart Sandal in yellow.

It might not be boiling hot in the UK yet (when is it ever?) but these lovely long sunny days call for summery footwear and the best thing about Swedish Hasbeens is they look just as good with socks (yes you read that correctly) as they do bare feet! Swedish Hasbeens queen Sarah Jessica Parker is the master of this look, SJP stepped out in her black leather 'Lacy Sandal' Swedish Hasbeens recently, teamed with flag pattern socks by fabulous sock label Happy Socks.

Swedish Hasbeens queen Sarah Jessica Parker wearing the 'Lacy Sandal' with Happy Socks.

Sweedish Hasbeens' signature thick wooden sole is perfect for off setting this season's outsized tailored trousers, look super cute with flimsy sun dresses (check out Michelle Williams in the gallery above), and are also the perfect partner for rolled-up jeans. And if crazy pattern socks a la Sarah Jessica Parker are a fashion statement too far you then wear yours with classic white socks or pretty pastel hues.

The perfect partner for Swedish Hasbeens: Happy Socks, click here to shop.

We caught up with Emy Blixt, Swedish Hasbeens Creative Director to get the spring/summer '13 low down...

Grazia Daily: What makes the perfect summer sandal in your eyes?
Emy Blixt: I think the combination of comfort and style at the same time make women feel empowered. This summer we were inspired by the pioneers of the '40s that wanted to look feminine and romantic yet also needed comfort to enjoy summer. I think that’s something that is as current today!  

GD: What do you think it is that makes Swedish Hasbeens so popular with the A-list?
EB: I think that it’s all about our handcraft and making better shoes for a better world. We strive for that balanced shoe that combine great handcraft with sustainable material. And of course make your feet look great!

GD: Sarah Jessica Parker is a big fan, is there anyone else you'd like to see in Swedish Hasbeens shoes, who hasn't worn them yet?
EB: Yes of course, we would like to see all the cool girls in the world in them!

GD: What do you think about socks and sandals, eek or chic?
EB: Very chic.
GD: Do you have a favourite style in the spring/summer '13 collection?
EB: Definitely the red Heart sandal that combines a new flirty feminine look with Swedish Hasbeens' signiture minimalistic handcraft.
GD: What's coming up for Swedish Hasbeens, anything exciting you can share with us?
EB: Well, this fall we embrace female curves. What can be hotter than that? So in our autumn/winter '13 collection we salute feminine curves and have made a new curvy heel with that in mind.

Shop our pick of Swedish Hasbeens spring/summer '13 collection:

Click the links below to buy (from top left):

White leather Lacy Sandal £132

Black leather Slip In Super High clog £151

Pink leather Braided Sky High sandals £113

Red leather Heart Sandal £151


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