Cressida's Casual But Cool Glastonbury Closet: It's All About Adidas, Dungarees And Scrunchies!

By Hannah Almassi - 8 December 2014

Fashion News And Features Editor

Cressida does retro tee-work and her signature scrunchie [Rex]

Last year Cressida Bonas cemented her status as the coolest girl in posh circles when she strolled through Glasto, dungaree-clad with scrunchie’d hair and carrying a polystyrene plate of chips. She looked understated and comfortable with the mudpit that is this legendary festival and this year was no different –aside from the fact that we’ve been graced with more Cressy closet action…

Miss Bonas may be minus a royal boyf by choice but she’s positively acing the concept of festival fashion. Unlike some of the perfectly (and maybe too meticulously) accessorised and constructed looks created by some A-listers and stage-side super-stylers Cressy’s selection of denim, trackies and bovver boots not only looked nonchantly cute with her pigtails, but they’d also fare well when it comes to navigating a portaloo or moshing to Metallica.

Cressida does a dunga and a denim short at this year's Glasto [Rex]

Following in her own footsteps, Cressida updated her overalls for 2014, choosing a rather brave white shortie pair styled with a hoodie and adidas comeback-kid, the Firebird jacket. She flourished her outfit with an army green rucksack, gold hoops and that ol’ classic, a can of Strongbow.

We also witnessed Cressida’s disco bomber jacket in action – made festi-ready with Hunter willies – but our favourite outfit had to be the vintage Hooters tee with denim cut-offs, flouro sunnies and a new scrunchie, this one was a Sloane-y black velvet.

See Cressida Bonas' style hits in the gallery below...


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