Style Hunter Hits Coachella: 70 Of The Coolest Looks On The Grassy Fields

By Jessica Vince - 5 December 2014


Coachella Festival can only mean one thing: an abundance of pictures from the California desert of hipster types drenched in floral headbands, denim cut-off shorts and cowboy boots. But while the A-list might stick to the classic cliches, the mere mortals of Coachella have treated us to a few lessons in how to be an individualist in the desert heat.

Style Hunter Hits Coachella: 45 Of The Coolest Looks On The Grassy Fields

Style Hunter Hits Coachella [Getty]

Here are an uber-cool bunch of revellers wearing their festival finest, from printed jumpsuits, hippy kaftans and rock chick boots without even one welly in sight. Of course, there's still plenty of fringing and feathers but these girls aren't afraid of giving a wacky trend a try - they don't have to worry about their selfie going viral, after all. So take a relaxed, sunny trip through the gallery above then close your eyes and pretend you're there...


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