Instagram Pics Of The Day: Cheryl Cole gets Bootilicious For New Single

By Anna Dewhurst - 8 December 2014

Senior Picture Editor: Digital & Print

Yippee! It's Friday at last. And those celebs are well up for it, today. Check out Cheryl Cole, who took to Instagram to announce her new single release... And WOWZERS! What a comeback! Cheryl, who appears to have woken up looking like Beyonce (#IWokeUpLikeThis), really knows how to work a gold body suit, which comes courtesy of Zeynep Kartal. And don't even get us started on that smoking body...

Chezza gets bootilicious [Instagram/Getty]

And as for Daisy Lowe: Yikes! She narrowly avoided the wrath of Instagram by covering her erm Little Daisys with, well, little daisys. Clever. Lucky she wasn't called Sunflower Lowe, or we might have seen a lot less.

Elsewhere on Instagram, love is in the air. Rachel Zoe treats us to a throwback of her and Roger's wedding portrait. Was Roger even legal? He looks about 12. And Paris Hilton hangs out in bed with her 'loves', who all look a bit on the hairy side, if you ask us.

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