Matchy Matchy Chic! Beyoncé & Solange's Sister Style Gets Even More Similar

By Hannah Almassi - 8 December 2014

Fashion News And Features Editor

Beyoncé hit the stage with Solange at Coachella this weekend to perform an incredible choreographed dance routine with her sibling. While they boogied together, we couldn't help but notice they're working a similar style at the moment: tropicana chic. Palm prints, bright colours and short-shorts are the trends of choice for BOTH  girls. 

With Beyoncé’s extensive tumblr-athon and flurry of new videos, it’s easier to see the resemblances than ever before. Aside from their mutual musical talents and mighty fine good looks, another reason why they share some common fashion ground is because both Yonce and Solange often work with the same stylist. Mr Ty Hunter is an in demand man.

Bey and Solange perform at Coachella 2014

Once upon a time the sisters’ personal style codes were dramatically different. Queen Bey may forever rule over the music industry, but once Solange started to step her Sophia Webster-clad tootsies onto the scene she inched ahead with her boundary-pushing designer wardrobe. Her adventurous spirit - along with either mega-dreads or a bouncy afro - took her to wilder corners of this sartorial landscape and she soon gained cred for it. Not afraid to mix’n’match, don a mad accessory or break out the super-brights, our DJing doyenne has established herself as quite the maven. At this time B played on the safer side of fashiontown; choosing body-con dresses and ultra-girly things that were neither here nor there. Nothing offensive, nothing too boring, either. However nowadays the pair have both peaked at an equally good level – with Beyonce perhaps admiring the experimental nature of her sibling and applying it to her own wardrobe.

Cue a print-mash up extraordinaire, a peppering of streetwear and a hefty does of next-season catwalk wonders appears in both of their closets. Scroll through the gallery above to see their samey sartorial moments.  


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