Angelina Jolie - Best Dresses & Outfits

By Contributor - 12 November 2014


Angelina Jolie - Best Dresses & Outfits

We’ve watched Angelina Jolie grow from a young teen starlet to Hollywood’s own political super woman and boy, hasn’t she had a journey? We certainly think so.

There was her leather clad phase with first hubby Jonny Lee Miller in tow. That Billy Bob Thornton tattoo (and its subsequent removal), followed by glamorous red carpet gown after glamorous red carpet gown and more recently, Angelina’s right leg has made its own statement on the red carpet (and bagged its very own Twitter account!). Needless to say Ms Jolie has always had a knack for standing out from the crowd.

Her taste in men has evolved just as dramatically as her style; these days the Salt leading lady is rarely seen without fiancé Brad Pitt by her side and what a golden couple they make. Did you know that Brad even co-designed her mega-bling engagement ring! We’re still not 100% sure who's going to design Bride Brangelina’s dress though.

In between bagging Golden Globes and jetting around the world to campaign for various charities in her role as UNHCR as a Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina manages to look after her growing brood of SIX children! Now that’s a clan we wouldn’t mind being adopted into.

It’s only appropriate that the brunette beauty has the wardrobe of dreams to fit alongside all those high flying achievements; have a flick through Angelina’s most stylish moments, dating all the way back to 1986.


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