What's it like to launch a business? Propercorn founder Cassandra Stavrou tells us

By Tor Cardona - 11 November 2014

Contributing Writer

PROPERCORN Founder Cassandra Stavrou Reveals All: Grazia Daily EXCLUSIVE

The minute we spied Anna Wintour munching a pretty pastel-hued bag of Propercorn on the FROW at London Fashion Week this year, we knew this was a brand that was going somewhere. Us beauty ladies love a healthy snack as much as the rest of you so were over the moon to be able to catch up with the super-cool founder of PROPERCORN, 29-year old Cassandra Stavrou. With the cold, bleak, winter months creeping in, we really do understand the temptation to reach for the chocolate biscuits come 3pm (or 10am), so we were ready to quiz Cassandra about her healthy (and super-chic) snack. What’s more, this popcorn isn’t just crazily addictively delicious, but is also seriously fashion-friendly too- the packets are designed by Vogue illustrator Zoe More O’Ferrall. Want to know more? Read on and learn ladies…

Grazia Daily: Why popcorn?

Cassandra Stavrou: I was working in Soho and realised that people were increasingly time poor but with the snacks on offer there was always a trade-off - the healthy snacks weren’t satisfying or tasty and the ones that delivered on taste left you feeling guilty. If made properly, popcorn doesn't have to compromise on either taste or health aspects and has the potential to be the perfect snack.

GD: We love your popcorn- where do you find inspiration for all the delicious flavours?

CS: Oh everywhere! But it’s really important that the flavours actually work on popcorn and really offer satisfaction as an everyday snack rather than just throwing in crazy ingredients for the sake of it, just to get noticed.

GD: We totally agree. What’s your personal favourite?

CS:  It really changes depending on my mood. I love the Worcester Sauce one on a bit of a hangover (an alternative to a Bloody Mary), or Sweet & Salty at around 3pm when I fancy something sweet after lunch.

GD: So what makes PROPERCORN different from your average cinema-style popcorn?

CS: We carefully source and perfect every aspect of the product. We use UK sourced Rapeseed oil, we hand pop the corn and ensure that every pack is as fresh as it can possibly be. That’s got to be way yummier than cinema popcorn, right?

GD: So, does this make your popcorn guilt-free!?

CS: I think so! PROPERCORN is made using natural ingredients, is low calorie, gluten free, high in fibre but also delicious. What’s more, popcorn’s anti-oxidant levels are comparable to most fruit and vegetables.

GD: Sounds good to us. So tell us- what does the future hold for yourself and PROPERCORN?

CS: Well, we have a very exciting new flavour launching in January (Sweet Coconut & Vanilla) and have many more to come. We also have some incredibly exciting plans to support up-and-coming British talent in the arts world… Stay tuned!

Feeling a little peckish? We are. Click through our gallery and check out our favourite healthy snacks- Grazia approved!


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