EXCLUSIVE: Léa Seydoux Dishes On Being Prada's Candy Girl

By Tor Cardona - 28 November 2014

Contributing Writer

Prada’s latest offering, Candy Florale, has just hit shelves and us Grazia girls give it our full beauty marks! A lighter, more floral version of the original best-selling scent, this is one gorgeous spring perfume. Need convincing? Check out the stunning ad campaign for the new scent, shot by Steven Meisel and featuring French darling Léa Seydoux. Blonde bombshell Léa is no stranger to Prada, having starred in 2 previous Candy campaigns and is clearly quite the seductress, as exhibited by Prada’s last campaign for Candy L’Eau shot by Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola where Léa seduces not one, but TWO men.

However, the latest Prada ad features the French actress sans suitors (or clothes for that matter), floating among graphic, black-and-white flowers. In response to working with legendary photographer Meisel, Léa said, “It was the first time that I’d worked on a film with someone who is essentially a photographer—it was a really interesting experience because Steven Meisel has such a precise vision of what he considers to be the perfect image.”

What’s more, we managed to catch up with the gorgeous actress who gave us the full scoop on the latest campaign. Read on and learn girls, read on and learn…

Grazia Daily: How would you describe the new Prada Candy Florale ad?

Léa Seydoux: It’s about a moment of lightness and bliss that exudes a real sense of femininity.

GD: You’ve already worked with many different film directors. What was it like working with a photographer on a film set?

LS: Steven Meisel has a unique understanding of image, or beauty, and of how to achieve perfect images through film and photography. It is this vision of beauty that makes him unique.

GD: So, how would you describe Candy’s character in the new campaign?

LS: In this particular episode we find her to be freer, lighter and more feminine than ever before. She exudes great sensuality.

GD: And do you see any aspects of Candy’s character reflected in your own life and personality?

LS: I see Candy as being totally unique: she’s a young woman who does what she wants in a confident and joyful manner. Her personality is uplifting, her sense of humour is attractive and I love the fact that she knows how to renew herself…

GD: What do you think of the new fragrance?

LS: It’s like a whirlwind of floral notes. You feel like you’re being taken on a voyage into a floral world, a world that is in full bloom in spring… the new fragrance is inspired by flowers and it’s these mysterious floral notes that have the most dramatic effect on me – they seem to bring bliss and beauty to the wearer!

GD: As an actress, do you take fragrance into consideration when you're preparing to get into character?

LS: Fragrance for me is really important because I like people who smell nice. Ever since I was young, I’ve always had lots of memories linked to perfumes. As an actress, I generally choose a specific perfume for the character I play in a film. It definitely helps me to add further insight into the character I'm playing.

GD: What does the house of Prada represent to you?

LS: Prada is a brand that I’m particularly fond of. I feel very honored that they chose me to be the face of Prada Candy as I feel very close to the spirit of the house. For me, Prada is, above all, about confidence and individuality.

Prada Candy Florale Eau de Toilette, from £38.50, is available now.


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