The Top 10 Best Products For Your Neck & Décolletage

By Maaike Dijkstra - 19 November 2014

Fashion and Beauty Digital Coordinator

It wasn’t just faces being tended to at the summer shows – it was the models décolletage too. One look at spring’s lower-than-low necklines and it’s easy to see why this area demanded the attention from backstage beauty teams. The skin on your neck is extremely delicate and is regularly exposed to the elements, yet in terms of skincare this is an area very much forgotten. We spend years pampering and preening our faces, only to let our necks give us away. Skin slackening, thinning, creasing and hyper pigmentation all suffered by an impressive 65% of women, eek! Perfect timing then to invest in our pick of the best products and give this neglected part of your body some much needed TLC.


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