The Spa Spy Reveals Top 10 Beauty Treatments Loved By The Stars

By Jessica Vince - 24 November 2014


Lisa Stokes of is back with her latest blog on all things pampering...

It’s no secret that the A-list are super-preened and airbrushed to perfection on the billboards and covers of the glossies. But, to be honest - in my experience as a celebrity make up artist -  most of them are pretty well-prepped canvases. It’s clear they invest time enhancing their smooth skin, glossy locks and manicured paws, but where and by whom?

Unless they’re endorsing for the mega-beauty-bucks it’s almost impossible to get the low down. So, because I believe we’re ALL worth it, I took to the streets of London to investigate. I found that trends in treatments are on the turn. Celebrities are moving away from the syringe (thank the Lord), embracing the wonderful, ever evolving, non-invasive alternatives and taking a more natural approach to their beauty regimes.  ‘N-Tox’ is the new black. ‘Sombre’ is the new coral.
Click through the gallery above to see my top ten beauty haunts, products and treatments loved by the stars.

Words: Lisa Stokes


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