The Gwen Stefani Effect: How The Singer's Beauty Signatures Keep Her Looking Ageless

By Lauren Murdoch-Smith - 7 November 2014

Beauty Editor

The Gwen Stefani Effect: How The Singer's Beauty Signatures Keep Her Looking Ageless

When Gwen Stefani popped onto our screens on Saturday night as a special guest on The X Factor, the question the nation was asking? Does this woman EVER age? Thanks to her signature make-up style, Gwen looks as gorgeous as ever as done. Staying true to her renowned red lip, perfectly pencilled brows, peroxide blonde hair and flawless milky skin, Gwen’s beauty look is a lesson for us all.

Gwen has stumbled on an ageless look thanks to sticking to what she knows ever since she started out as a young pop star. Now she's a mega successful business woman, designer, wife and mother as well as a singer, the blonde bombshell is still working the same timeless beauty look. We're still in shock as we type that Gwen is 43 years old! Nope, we can't believe it either and that's why Gwen's make up is an anti-ageing triumph.

In a recent interview reported on DailyGossip, Gwen spoke out about her make-up style: 'It was like I’d unlocked the key. I remember feeling like, ‘I have arrived. This is me. Finally'' she said - and boy, has she run with it. FYI: it's rumoured her crimson pout comes courtesy of one of several MAC products that she uses, including Ruby Woo lipstick and Lipmix in Crimson (a pro product).

So why does Gwen's beauty style work?  Not only does a red lip keep teeth looking white, the perfect application keeps her looking slick and now that she's found the shade to suit her, Gwen can always rely on it, whatever she's wearing or wherever she's going. That platinum blonde hair is not only strikingly individual but recalls timeless beauties like Marilyn Monroe. And it all came about after Gwen spent eight hours in a salon dyeing her hair blonde at the age of 25 - it was love at first sight.  Finally those face framing brows knock years off even the most aged face.

So it's hardly surprising to see Gwen's fellow X Factor guest Rita Ora has been taking a leaf out of the Stefani make-up book. Platinum blonde hair, red lips, perfect brows? Check, check, check! Looks like the Gwen effect is here to stay. 


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