Calvin Klein, Kylie Jenner And Parties Galore! Blogger Tanya Burr Reveals Her Diary In Pictures

By Holly Peacock - 8 December 2014

Community Editor

YouTube Sensation Tanya Burr is a 25-year-old beauty expert, who has taken the video-sharing site by storm with her accessible and aspirational make-up and style tutorials. At the forefront of beauty, Tanya is also followed for her fashion flare. Last season she sat front row at shows for designers such as Mulberry, Topshop Unique and Burberry. Now you can see what she gets up to in a typical week with her Grazia diary in pics.

Back from France and feet firmly on home soil in Tanya has been hitting the red carpet at the Calvin Klein and Guardians Of The Galaxy parties. Wearing a mix of high-street and designer the blogger gives us a sneak peek of her final looks. 

Of course it's not all fun and games, she has been filming a new makeup tutorial inspired by none other than hipster of the moment Kylie Jenner. We can't wait to give copying the Jenner look a go!

On Instagram she’s been having a bit of a throwback moment with two of her besties posting snaps 2007. Aww! (and a little memory of frolicking in the sea in France)

Perhaps directed at someone in particular Tanya posted a piece of life advice to all her Insta followers. Wonder who she is talking about? Hmmmm.

Elsewhere Tanya has been busy blogging and creating new content for her YouTube channel. This week she recommended her 'burrbears' a new fragrance from Jo Malone called Wood Sage & Sea Salt - which is due to hit stores in September.

Take a scroll through the blogger's picture diary above...


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