Say Hello To The Top 7 Ways To Get Fit In 2014

By Tor Cardona - 10 November 2014

Contributing Writer

Say Hello To The Top 7 Ways To Get Fit In 2014

New year, new you, right? We couldn’t agree more. What’s more, with a whole host of new workouts on the block, getting (and staying) fit really has never been so fashionable. Read on for our roundup of the hottest fitness trends to try today…

1. Indoor Cycling


If you’re after a high-energy, full body work out to obliterate evidence of all those mince pies, then an indoor cycling class could be the solution. Flywheel has brought the fitness phenomenon over from the US to Shoreditch House- offering group sessions on fixed bikes that include climbs and descents, as well as working your arms with weighted bars. Cyclists of all abilities can track their performance and even compete against each other in friendly competition. The indoor ride is even choreographed to a music playlist designed to get you moving. All together now ‘I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire….’

2. Military Fitness


Sick of pounding on the same treadmill at the gym each week? We are. All hail outdoor military fitness classes which guarantee to inject some serious excitement into your workout. British Military Fitness host group classes in parks across the country designed to suit all fitness levels. Each session is led by an ex-military trainer, so expect any attempts to ‘go easy’ to be met with the appropriate response. What’s more, physical activity undertaken outdoors burns up to 30 percent more calories than the same workout indoors, and you’re more likely to find yourself motivated when training in a group. Log on to to sign up for a free class- we’ll see you there!

3. Tower Running


Running on flat ground is SO 2013. Now it’s all about not only testing your limits, but also gravity, with vertical racing. On the 4th of March, Shelter will be hosting their ‘Vertical Rush’ race up Tower 42- offering thousands of enthusiastic racers the chance to sprint up 42 floors to be rewarded with some (quite literally) breath-taking views of London’s skyline. The average 11 stone human will burn 704 calories an hour running on the flat. Racing upstairs increases this rate by about 50%. Ditch the escalators and start your training.

4. Animal Flow


Painfully cool gym chain Equinox offer ‘Animal Flow’ classes designed to unleash the beast within using a system of fluid, fundamental movements. The classes draw inspiration from a range of disciplines including break dancing, gymnastics, free running and circus arts. The result is an exciting and varied session that allows you to tap into the primal function of your body. Benefits can include better posture, increased joint mobility and improved balance- not to mention a way to make even your workout sound sexy.

5. Aerial Fitness


Flying Fantastic host aerial fitness classes across a range of disciplines, offering participants of all abilities fitness classes suspended above the ground. Choose between aerial pilates, yoga, hoop work or slings to challenge every muscle in your body- learning climbs, tricks and drops as well as working on conditioning and floor work. If you’ve ever seen the bodies of the Cirque du Soleil, you’ll know the benefits this workout can bring.

6. Piloxing


Much to our disappointment, piloxing doesn’t actually have anything to do with pillow fights. It is, however, a unique blend of boxing and pilates which is said to burn calories, build lean muscle and increase stamina. The boxing element of the class helps you to gain speed, power and agility whilst the pilates will increase flexibility and helps to sculpt muscles. What’s more, weighted gloves are worn for the duration of the workout (to work the muscles further) and the whole class is performed in time to a pumping music track, a bit like Zumba. Already a massive hit in the US, we’re predicting big things for Piloxing in the UK this year. Stay tuned!

7. High-Intensity Interval Training


High-Intensity Interval training, aka HIIT, is set to be a huge fitness buzzword this year. What’s not to love about a super-short workout (which can be squeezed into the busiest of schedules) which guarantees incredible results? The magic of HIIT lies its ability to keep you burning fat even after you leave the gym. Get fit with HIIT? Yes please! Our fave HIIT class is no less than fitness fanatic Les Mills' GRIT (picture above). Click here for more information.

Additional words: Lois Bryson Edmett


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