Kim Kardashian's New Fringe Is Fake! Here's How To Work A Clip-On 'Winge'

By Lauren Murdoch-Smith - 6 November 2014

Beauty Editor

When Kim tweeted pictures of herself with what appeared to be a new fringe, we were excited to see not only a brand new style for Miss Kardashian but, to see how Kim would wear her new fringe in the real world with her wardrobe with no Instagram filter!

When Kim Kardashian tweeted pictures of herself with what appeared to be a new fringe yesterday, we were excited to see a brand new style for the reality TV star. Kim tweeted, 'Fun shoot today @mrchrismcmillan He just can't control his scissor hands! #bangs'.  But how would the 'do look in the real world sans Instagram filter?

Then she stepped out at LAX airport with her new 'bangs' and we had proof that Kim's hair update really is a huge improvement.  Gone are the 'all one length' Kardashian Klone long locks and in their place is a side-swept fringe that's edgy, chic and super flattering. The new addition is an instant face changer and the subtle layers frame her face perfectly. LOOK:

We wonder whether Kim's taking hair-spiration from Kate Middleton. Of course, Kate's recently had her own fringe cut into her brunette locks, which cleverly adapt according to her outfit.

BUT! Today Kimmy K has revealed that her fringe is in fact fake! Shock! Horror! Yes, her new face furniture is in fact a clip in.  Kim revealed the truth on a blog entitled "The Truth About The Bangs, the bangs are fake! Just clip ons!". As Kim proves, clip-on 'winges' (fringe + wig = winge) are a handy way to update your look without the commitment. Just like a clip-in hair extension, winges come in a variety of hair hues and when applied correctly, fit in seamlessly to your natural locks when you apply them just below the front of your hairline.

Want to make like Kim? Then check out the selection of Winges at The Hershesons Salon - bargaintastic for £30 each - and watch the Hersheson how to video below...


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