Kim Kardashian Reveals Her Extensive Perfume Collection! Let's Assess

By Lauren Murdoch-Smith - 7 November 2014

Beauty Editor

Kim Kardashian perfume collection

One of the our favourite things about Instagram is the ability to get an insight into celebrity beauty cupboards. Case in point: beauty addict and prolific Instagrammer Kim Kardashian.  When Kim Instagrammed a picture of her perfume cabinet recently (yes a whole cabinet packed full of delicious and interesting scents) we were intrigued to see what juices the star likes to wear. 

Asking her Instagram fans "Which perfume should I wear today? Feeling like I'm in a True Reflection mood!"  Kim is clearly spoilt for choice. She is, of course, referring to one of her own scents 'True Reflection' - but let's take a nosey at what other scents Kim owns. Trying to decipher the bottles was a tall order even for the scent-savvy Grazia Beauty Desk - however, we have managed to identify the following bottles and funnily enough, there's a LOT of her own brand...

The Middle Shelf:

Kim Kardashian- Signature Fragrance: released June 2011, this is Kim in a bottle.  Feminine, sweet and glamorous!

Kim Kardashian- Gold: released October 2011, this is a citrusy, exotic scent

Kim Kardashian-True Reflection: released May 2012 Kim says "I wanted True Reflection to have a bit of a twist compared to my previous scents (Gold and her Signature scent)"

Kim Kardashian-Glam: released October 2012 this is a juicy but 'sensuous and rich' fragrance

Bulgari- Jasmine Noir EDP

Lady GaGa- Fame

Marc Jacobs Splash

Michael by Michael Kors


The Bottom Shelf:

Dior- J’adore Dior

Gucci- Guilty


The Top Shelf:

Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb

Versace Essence Emotional by Versace

Our next question is, is this just her perfume cabinet at Kanye's? For such a big beauty fanatic, we're hard pressed to believe that this is her whole perfume collection.  We know it's larger than the Grazia Beauty cupboard collection but for Kim?  We know she likes to buy in excess!  On another 'note', are these scents the inspiration behind her own perfumes?  Kim has already launched five perfumes, with only four available in the UK ('Love' is available in the US only). But we have breaking news...Kim is launching her 6th perfume, 'Pure Honey' in August/September this year!  Pen it in your diaries ladies.



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