How To Start A Beauty Blog Tips From Lily Pebbles And Vivianna Does Makeup: VIDEO

By Julia Fernandez - 10 November 2014

Community Editor

How To Start A Beauty Blog Tips From Lily Pebbles And Vivianna Does Makeup: VIDEO

Have you always wanted to start a blog, but not known where to start? It's always a good idea to consult the advice of professionals, which is why we were thrilled when two of our favourite bloggers, Lily Pebbles and Vivianna Does Makeup joined forces to create a 'Guide to Blogging and Vlogging' series on YouTube. The six videos cover everything from creating your blog and deciding on a name to how to produce engaging vlogs and grow your audience.

Follow the #guidetoblogging on Twitter for more great tips, but for now we'll let Lily talk you through each episode... 

1. How to start a beauty blog.

'In this video we cover the basic for starting up a new beauty blog. Sign up to your preferred platform (we recommend Blogger or Wordpress), be consistent, create unique content and keep your blog layout simple and easy to read.'

2. How to start a YouTube channel.

'To kick things off we begin with the basics - from setting up your YouTube channel to uploading your first video. We talk through a checklist of equipment and tools you’ll need, some good video concepts to start off with, branding and how to get the ball rolling views-wise.'

3. How to film a vlog.

'In this video we show how we set up our cameras and lights for filming. If you're going to invest we recommend investing in a remote control, a tripod and a large memory card. Spend time thinking about the setup of your videos (the framing) and do a practice run to make sure you're happy with it.'

4. How to take decent photos.

'Then it’s time to discuss all things camera-related. Photography plays a huge role in blogging so in this video we share the details on the cameras, lighting and set-ups we use along with some easy to digest tech tips and tricks that make beauty blogging a whole lot easier.' 

5. How to stay organised.

'In this video we talk about how we stay organised and talk through some extra tips for promoting your blog. These include keeping notes on the go so whenever inspiration hits you can make a record of your idea. Organise yourself with tick lists so you don't forget anything you need to add into your posts. We also talk about how to schedule your tweets if you work full-time and don't have time to constantly update.' 

6. How to grow your audience.

'If you’ve already got comfy in the YouTube world then this one’s for you. With some advise for the more advanced, Lily and I talk through helpful hints to grow your audience along with planning tips and the golden rule when it comes to video content.'

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