Get In The Great Gatsby Spirit With Our 1920s Makeup & Beauty Tips From Pin Curls To Bold Brows

By Tor Cardona - 17 November 2014

Contributing Writer

Get The 1920s Great Gatsby Spirit Look With Our Makeup & Beauty Tips

Here at Grazia HQ, we’re in the midst of some serious 'Great Gatsby' fever. Baz Luhrmann’s reinterpretation arrives on DVD TODAY and talk of everything, from the music to the glitz really is alive once again. But, it’s the makeup that’s got us most excited - quite literally, all in a flapper. So much so that we want to dust off our pearls and dance the Charleston.

What’s more, the red carpet and catwalks have been awash with the vintage beauty look this year. Back in January at the Golden Globes- Megan Fox, Naomi Watts and Rachel Weisz all sported hairstyles that harked back to the roaring twenties with vintage-vixen curls, twists and seriously-sophis updo’s. Pop princesses Katy Perry and Lana Del Ray have also been embracing the 20’s vibe, proving this is one beauty look that really has stood the test of time.

Ready to add a little Gatsby glamour to your look, ladies? The defining make-up look of the decade was a strong smoky eye, rose-coloured cheeks and deep blood-red lips, so read on for our exclusive Grazia Beauty tips to make sure you’re all aboard the Gatsby bandwagon! 

1. The Hair

Pin curls came into fashion big time in the 20’s, and if you have the patience, you can get the look by arming yourself with a good curling tong; tong hair in small sections, clip back, leave for as long as possible and once released, spray with hairspray to secure the curls and pin back once again to frame the face. Short on time? Don’t fret- you can always add a little flair to your hair with a pretty headpiece- bejewelled hairpins, feathery headbands and sequinned headpieces were the go-to accessories for flapper-era femmes. If all else fails, Hot Hair have some great bob wigs!

2. The Lips  

Did you know Max Factor launched his first lip gloss in 1928? We bet Daisy snapped one right up! To get the 1920’s cupid’s-bow mouth as perfected by the decade’s it-girl Clara Bow, it’s best to start by covering lips with foundation to ensure a super-smooth base. Using a dark lip pencil, feather in colour in light strokes following the lip shape. Then, using a lip brush, colour in the lips with a similar shade- stick to deep-reds, plums and browns for the ultimate 20’s throwback.

3. The Skin

It’s time to scrap the fake tan, ladies; the roaring 20’s were all about an uber-creamy complexion. To ensure you’re the fairest of them all, make a sheer powder your new BFF- we love Burberry Beauty’s Luminous Pressed Powder, £31. Resist the urge to hit the bronzer and opt instead for a pale pink blush to highlight your newly-flawless face. 

4. The Eyes

Think super-smoky! In the early 1920’s, King Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered, and everyone went crazy for everything Egyptian, including Cleopatra’s infamous kohl-eyes. Arm yourself with a smudgy black pencil (we’re obsessed with Urban Decay’s Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zero, £14) and you’re sorted. In terms of lashes, think big. Either go false or curl and apply at least two coats of intense black mascara. You can’t go wrong with Lancôme’s Hypnose Black mascara, £22.

5. The Brows

Cara would be pleased- the 20’s brow was a bold one! To get the look, darken and turn eyebrows slightly downward with an eyebrow pencil that is darker than your natural colour. This works best if your brows are on the thin side.

Here at the Grazia Beauty desk we always practice what we preach, and right now we just can't get enough of this seriously chic vintage beauty look! Check out the snap below for some of our personal faves! 

Relive the magic as the Great Gatsby is released on Blu-ray 3D, DVD and Digital Download from 11th November.


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