EXCLUSIVE: One Direction's Hairdresser And Makeup Artist Louise Teasdale Gives Us Her Backstage Secrets

By Tor Cardona - 6 November 2014

Contributing Writer

EXCLUSIVE: One Direction's Hairdresser And Makeup Artist Louise Teasdale Gives Us Her Backstage Secrets

Just how we secretly like ogling over the MIC boys’ hairdos, we’re also clandestine admirers of One Direction’s trademark tresses, most notably Harry’s infamous ‘fro. So, when we got the chance to have an exclusive one on one with the boys’ grooming goddess Louise Teasdale, you can only imagine the excitement that swept through us here at Grazia Towers.

What’s the secret behind Harry’s bedhead? And how long do the boys really take to get ready?  Read on for some serious 1D grooming goss. Go on, you know you want to…

Grazia Daily: Do 1D really need that much hair and makeup?

Louise Teasdale: Noooo they're pretty much good to go... they need haircuts a lot though and we never have much time so I try and do like 1 per shoot/show and by the time I've done all 5 its back to the first for a tidy up.


Grazia Daily: How long does it take to get the boys ready before they go on stage?

Louise Teasdale: I usually only have 1 hour but they hardly have any make up so I can spend most of that on their hair.


Grazia Daily: What’s the secret to getting Harry’s infamous ‘do?

Louise Teasdale: Harry wakes up like that! Sometimes I don't even see him before a shoot, or Liam especially when he had his shaved head.


Grazia Daily: What’s your product of the moment to use on the boys?

Louise Teasdale: Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and Batiste dry shampoo.. all boys need these products!


Grazia Daily: Which boy is the most bothered with his hair/demands most of your attention?

Louise Teasdale: None of them ever want their hair done! I spend the most time on Louis and Zayn because they let me do different things all the time.. whereas the others we keep consistent.


Grazia Daily: Which product do the boys always try to pocket from your kit?

Louise Teasdale: Shampoo... I use the Bumble Seaweed one, or toothpaste that goes missing a lot. And (not a product but) phone chargers!


Grazia Daily: What’s been the most controversial hairstyle you’ve created on one of the boys?

Louise Teasdale: Liam's shaved head I suppose... It was my favourite though :)


Grazia Daily: Are there any looks you want to try out on the boys?

Louise Teasdale: I wanna revisit the 90s undercut but none of them will let me.

Grazia Daily: When you’re not busy styling others, what’s your hair routine like?

Louise Teasdale: I have high maintenance hair! I have extensions which are amazing but you need to look after them and style them properly so they don't look like extensions.


Grazia Daily: Are there any products you can’t live without?

Louise Teasdale: I can't live without Max Factor calorie 2000 mascara and Barry M black eyeliner.. Cheap as chip and all I need!


Grazia Daily: What are your vices?

Louise Teasdale: Sleeping in and listening to one direction songs when I'm not at work.. Bit embarrassing really!



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