Elle MacPherson Exclusive Interview: 'The Body' Spills On Her Beauty And Fitness Regime

By Emma Spedding - 5 November 2014

Deputy Digital Editor

Elle MacPherson Exclusive Interview: 'The Body' Spills On Her Beauty And Fitness Regime

Forget a cup of instant coffee, this morning we sipped green juice with a real life supermodel. A 6ft tall, legs for days, Rapunzel-haired supermodel. We caught up with the legendary Elle MacPherson over a glass of the green sutff at the launch of her Super Elixir at Selfridges.

The Super Elixir is a bio-live alkalizing supplement which can be added to your morning juice or food (we had ours with cocunut water), which is designed to improve your nutrition at a cellular level. Clever stuff indeed. We talked to the super about working out, what's in her makeup bag and the number one lesson she has taught her children...

Grazia Daily: What inspired you to create the Super Elixir?

'I have always been interested in wellness. I have taken supplements most of my life, but the market got so crowded. I got overwhelmed as to what I was meant to be taking so I went to see Dr Simone Laubscher on Harley Street. My jet lag was quite profound, my skin was dry and I found mornings difficult, which is out of character for me. Your body is at its best in an alkaline state. I didn't imagine that I could have a high acid PH balance because I don’t eat red meat, I don’t really drink alcohol and I live a pretty simple, natural life. But having a high acid PH in the body can be from anything from not enough sleep to stress. I started taking supergreens from her and then I started to feel better.'

Grazia Daily: Have you noticed any results?

'Huge. That’s why I started the company, Wellco, to distribute it to other people. I could have kept it to myself, but it’s so profound that I wanted to share it.'

Grazia Daily: How much do you exercise?

'I don’t do anything to excess. I think balance is incredibly important and feeling good is more important to me than looking good. But when I feel good, I look good... or that’s what I’m told! I prefer sport to exercise, so I'll always pick tennis over working out. I have a trainer here because I find it really hard in London to do sport. It’s not like I can do water skiing in London! I think it’s important to laugh and here is nothing that beats that joy when you climb or you ski fast down a mountain.'

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Grazia Daily: Do you find the gym boring?

'I find it quite mindless. I have a fantastic trainer here and she makes it interesting. I can be in and out in 45 minutes. I go five days a week, when I can. I aim to block out between 9 - 10 am to do some kind of physical activity. I’m not very good at doing it in the evenings or the afternoon; I’m a morning person.'

Grazia Daily: How about your beauty regime?

'Keep it really simple. Good hair colour is important to me - Josh Wood does my hair. I believe that when your hair looks good, your skin texture and skin tone will look good too. I'm more about grooming than makeup.

Grazia Daily:  Has your beauty regime changed a lot over the years?

'Yes! I’m more polished today than the surfy beachy look - sun kissed and freckly. I stay out of the sun, groom my hair and keep it polished. With the sun [when younger] I didn’t really care - I was a sun worshipper. I used to think a girl looked great with a tan and bleached hair; that was my idea of beauty. I shouldn’t have been in the sun so much and protected my skin more.'

Grazia Daily: What do you have in your makeup bag? 

'Not much! There’s an Australian product called Paw Paw I use on my cuticles and lips. I like my Tom Ford powder for all over my face and a lip gloss.'

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Grazia Daily: Why do you think there is such a buzz around 'wellness'?

'Because wellness is everything you know? We start to value the intangibles today which is being healthy, feeling good and being inspired. There is nothing worse than being beautiful and feeling miserable. So yeah I’m so happy.

Grazia Daily: How do you relax?

'It is important to take some time out. But everybody does it in different ways. I read, I play with my son my eleven year old and I chat with my eldest. Having a chat with a teenager - well, first you have to try and get two words out of them - but I find just sitting and talking about what's going on with him and our day incredibly relaxing. Conversation with people that you care about is a great way to unwind.'

Grazia Daily: Are your children interested in being healthy? 

'No, no! They know exactly what to do though! I said to my eldest 'what is the best thing I ever taught you?' and he said 'water cures everything'. I said 'really?' And he said 'yeah if I have a headache you say drink more water; If I’m yawning a lot you say drink water; Before I go into an exam you say drink water; My face looks puffy you say drink water!' And I said 'and?' And he said 'well, you're right, usually it works.'

THE SUPER ELIXIR is available exclusively in store at Selfridges and online at www.welleco.com.


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