As Beyonce Gets The Chop, We Look Back At The Best A-List Pixie Crops EVER

By Alya Mooro - 8 December 2014

Contributing Writer

She may not be Willow Smith, but Beyonce has most def done her fair share of hair whipping. Queue surprised gasps when the Queen B herself unveiled a new short, pixie style cut on her Instagram account just a couple of days ago. The 'Bow Down' superstar follows in the wake of Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, Emma Watson and Charlize Theron to go for the enchanting hairstyle, first debuted over 50 years ago by French actress Jean Seberg (obvs it's French, only they could have dreamt up something so fabulously elegant.)

Since then, the hairstyle has rocketed in popularity and revamped the styles of many an A-lister. You couldn't help but feel like a rockstar if you're rocking that up-do, could you? Anne Hathaway confirmed as much when she spoke exclusively to Grazia Daily about the influence the new 'do had had on her style: ‘I’m getting used to the cut now and I have completely fallen in love with collars,’ Anne told us. 'There isn’t a collared shirt that I don’t love right now and I like the last gentleman look more than ever, but I still like to go between mannish and super feminine styles’. 

Beyonce admires her new look

Although the drastic cut comes just two weeks after her extensions were caught in an electric fan during a performance, we're betting there's way more of a glamorous reason behind the chop. The superstar, who's been in the spotlight since the age of 16, recently entered a new phase of her life, marked, perhaps, by the new 'do? “It’s the end of theMrs. Carter tour, and she’s really getting into motherhood and the throes of her 30s, or it could be the expression of a significant life change we may not know about,” said stylist and author Laura Rothman. “When I see it with my clients, whether it is the need or want to cut off their hair, many times it’s about an inner feeling of rebirth, a fresh start.”

Miley Cyrus, exiting her Disney bubble and entering into a world where twerking on the internet is more than totally acceptable, and can even get you a mention on a Jay Z track, also took to the chop, loving it so much she even said: "You will never see me with long hair again!" Was her entry into the latter world facilitated by the cut? We'll even go so far as to say yes; the pixie cut is, these days, a short cut to elegance, or edginess, depending how you rock it.

"The crop, as far as I'm concerned, is the little black dress of the hairstyling world," celebrity hairstylist Andrew Barton says. "It can make any woman look fantastic." So far, we agree. See which other A-listers have worn the pixie cut in our gallery above.


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