Beauy SOS: What Are The Best Tips For Growing Out A Fringe? We Ask The Experts

By Grazia staff - 24 November 2014

Grazia staff

What Are The Best Tips For Growing Out A Fringe?: Alexa Chung

From Alexa Chung’s swept sixties style to Rooney Mara’s short, blunt cut, the beauty world has been captivated of late by the statement fringe. As we recently reported, this year in particular celebs have paid homage to the fringe with an array of contemporary looks. From Jessica Biel on the red carpet to the models at Versace, everyone’s going for the chop. 

But because the fringe is a more extreme statement, it needs a loyal wearer, and most of us get a fringe to shake up our signature do, not for keeps. Very quickly our fashionable fringe becomes boring bangs and the dreaded ‘growing out’ process is ever so tiresome.

Because a fringe can take up to six months (or even a year) to fully grow out, you need to get creative in order to combat the awkward stages. Luckily we’ve asked some experts for their tips for growing out a fringe gracefully. Here they are...

By Elise Marraro


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