Are Hair Tapestries Summer's Hottest New Hair Trend?

By Katherine Ormerod - 21 November 2014

Senior Fashion News & Features Editor

Are Hair Tapestries Summer's Hottest New Hair Trend?

We’ve had the cornrow comeback, the rainbow hair craze and been dip dyed to the max. But now a new gorgeous hair look has stepped up to the plate to take the title of hottest new ‘do on the barnet block. Hair tapestries, devised by Alex Brownsell, legendary hair guru of Bleach London (and also the pioneer of dip dye and My Little Pony colouring), are bringing a whole new meaning to fixing your weave. A bit like the coloured thread braids of your teenage years, these tapestries are woven through blocks of your hair, creating a pretty homespun vibe.

'I was inspired by the Traditional Andean tapestry from Argentina during a recent shoot,' Alex explains, 'and wanted to translate that into hair adornments, but in a modern way – hence the idea for hair tapestry'. After pictures of tapestiers taken at Port Eliot festival were uploaded on to Instagram by One Direction's hairstylist Lou Teasdale, fans have been recreating the look in their droves.

So if you’re looking for a hair update, enlist the help of a crafty friend and add a touch of DIY charm to your mane!


Hair Stylist Lou Teasdale working a hair tapestry [Instagram]

1. Dig out your gran's tapestry loom and secure it around a section of your hair.

2. Separate the section into strands of hair to create a 'warp'.

3. Use a flat blunt needle with embroidery thread and weave it through the hair as a “weft”, creating the width of tapestry.

4. Weave backwards and forwards to create the chosen length.

5. You can switch thread colours to create a pattern.

6. Weave the final thread through the back of the work to finish.


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