Aqua Spinning: The UK’s First Ever Underwater Spinning Studio Opens Next Week!

By Tor Cardona - 10 November 2014

Contributing Writer

Aqua Spinning: The UK’s First Ever Underwater Spinning Studio Opens Next Week!

If you’ve had the chance to catch up with the latest issue of Grazia, you may have noticed a certain health and beauty feature dedicated to the latest fitness crazes taking the world by storm. No longer satisfied by a jog round the park or 20 minutes on the bike at the gym (keep kidding yourself that constitutes a workout, ladies!), it seems the time has come to seriously up our game in the workout department…

Since the launch of aqua spinning in New York in April, similar classes have been popping up not only all over the Big Apple, but in other parts of Europe, too, and as of next week, the UK’s first ever Hydrofit centre will be opening on the Fulham Road. Hydrofit will offer aqua spinning and aqua jogging in individual or duo cabins, guaranteeing one heck of a hardcore-hydro workout. If the thought of a group aqua spinning class makes you quake in your jelly shoes (compulsory ‘aqua’ workout wear, FYI) then Hydrofit’s discreet workout experience will certainly appeal to you. The machines will be in individual or duo luxury cabins, bikes and treadmills immersed in a special hydro-massage bathtub with water jets pumping out a powerful dose of Ozone.

Spinning in the tub- not exactly your standard bathing experience...

What’s more, each cabin is equipped with a flat screen TV as well as a Bluetooth headset if you need to take calls during your session.

While it’s by no means easy to pedal through water (resistance is up to 12 times stronger in water than in air), proponents of the Hydro-craze insist the low impact workout is ideal for those with injuries, or those looking to improve cardiovascular endurance without the stress on joints. Above all, a 30 minute workout guarantees a minimum 300 calorie burn and the hydro-action stimulates the body’s lymphatic drainage system, giving weary metabolisms a real boost and tackles stubborn cellulite.        

Ready to give it a spin? Check out Hydrofit for more information.


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