10 Ways Lose Weight Hate Dieting

By Tor Cardona - 5 December 2014

Contributing Writer

When it comes to dieting, the mere word sends us Grazia girls into a right frenzy (and even hungry just thinking about it). From the Atkins to 5:2 to Paleo, we’re in a constant state of bafflement about what to eat for our next meal, so we don’t blame you if you feel confused, too! Plus, when the diary is looking manic, deadlines are looming and your purse is feeling the strain, a diet can seem like a seriously unappealing feat- that trek all the way over to Whole Foods just to buy that £6 loaf of flaxseed bread? Yeah, we get you!

Alas, fear not, as we’ve only gone and spoken with some of the industry’s hottest nutritional experts who have given us their top tips to help you lose weight effortlessly- and without even being on a diet. Click through the gallery above and think of these as your new food rules…


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