10 Hot Beauty: The 10 Best Foundations For Pale Skin

By Contributor - 17 November 2014


With talk of sun-kissed tans and golden complexions looming in the SS14 beauty horizon, the Grazia beauty team have decided to break the boundaries by paying some TLA (Tender Loving Attention) to all you fairer, porcelain-skinned ladies - you didn’t really think we’d leave you out, did you? We know that finding the right foundation in a shade light enough to match your skin tone can prove tricky, so we’ve done our research and put together the ten best foundations that work wonders for pale skin. Whether you’re a brunette, blonde or a redhead, pick up one of these foundations and embrace your paleness.  Because let’s face it, sporting a tell-tale foundation line in a tango hue is never a good look.

By Sheeva Fallahi and Tor Cardona


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