Three Easy Recipes To Get Your Bonfire Party Off With A Whizz And A Bang

05 November 2013

If you're off to an event tonight or even if you're just having a few sparklers at home there's nothing like some fireside food to round off the night. Here's three recipes you can knock up in a jack-flash.

The starter


One of our favourites is a recipe from Austria called Jägertee (translated as 'Hunters Tea'). Like a hot mulled wine, this is a popular drink on the ski slopes. Wildertee, or 'Poachers Tea' is a slightly more acoholic version (which we take to mean you just splosh abit more rum in it).

1 cup red wine

1 cup of tea

1 cup spiced rum

1 cup plum brandy, Schnapps or any other liqueur to hand

1 cup orange juice

2 to 3 whole cloves

1/4 of cinnamon stick sugar

2 lemon slices

How to make it:

Heat the tea, wine, rum, brandy, orange juice, spices and lemons in a pot. Let it come to gentle simmer for around 5 minutes. Remove from the heat. Add a little sugar to taste.

The Main

Hotdogs are traditional bonfire fare, but at Grazia we prefer our food to be a little bit more... gourmet. Grazia's Food Editor Louise Pickford has created three recipes for Poshdogs, below

The Pudding

The best thing about having a bonfire is that you can serve for up S'Mores (short for 'Some More'). This traditional nighttime campfire treat is popular in the United States and Canada, and consists of a roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate sandwiched between two pieces of graham cracker. We prefer this more simple recipe: spike three marshmallows onto kebab sticks, then toast them in the fire until slightly gooey. Sandwich your marshmallows between two chocolate digestives. Squash together until the marshmallow starts to ooze from the sides and the chocolate starts to melt. Enjoy straight away!

Poshdogs Recipe


[Snap + stir]

Smoked sausages with pickled cucumber and hoisin sauce

8 baby cucumbers

2 teaspoons salt

4 tablespoons rice vinegar

3 tablespoons caster sugar

4 smoked sausages

2 tbs hoisin sauce

Start by making the pickle. Cut the cucumbers lengthways into quarters and place in a bowl. Heat the salt, vinegar, sugar and 4 tablespoons water in a small pan until the sugar is dissolved. Bring to the boil, remove from the heat and pour over the cucumbers. Set aside until completely cold.

Cook the sausages as usual, split rolls and fill with sausages, pickled cucumbers and a drizzle hoisin sauce. 

Marguez dogs with harissa mayo and onion rings

1 onion, sliced

100 ml milk

1 egg, beaten

50 g polenta

8 marguez sausages

4 tbs mayonnaise

1-2 tsp harissa paste

1 tbs chopped preserved lemon

vegetable oil, for frying

Place onions rings in milk and soak for 5 minutes. Drain onion rings, dip in egg and then polenta to coat thoroughly. Heat about 5 cm oil in a wok or deep frying pan and when hot fry the onion rings for 1-2 minutes until golden and crisp. Drain on kitchen towel.

Cook sausages as usual. Meanwhile, combine the mayonnaise with harissa paste. Fill rolls with sausages, harissa mayonnaise and top with onion rings and a little preserved lemon. 

Vietnamese sweet chilli and herb ‘dog’ sliders

4 pork sausages

4 tbs mayonnaise

2 tbs sweet chilli sauce

fresh Thai basil, coriander and mint

1 red chilli, thinly sliced

Cook sausages as usual. Meanwhile, mix the mayonnaise with the sweet chilli sauce. Split the rolls and pile in the sausages, sweet chilli mayonnaise, fresh herbs and chilli slices.


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