Fab Or Foul: The Hot New Festive Drink Is Brussel Sprout Juice! Here's Our Verdict

02 December 2013 by

You might be one of those 51%* of the population who loves brussel sprouts, but even if you're the most ardent fan of the green mini cabbage, this takes some swallowing: Brussel Sprout Juice - which has just been launched by Juice Club exclusively in Fortnum & Mason for the Christmas season.

If you believe the hype, apparently Brussel Sprout Juice is set to be this season’s drink of choice, and is 'set to overtake Kale in the superfood stakes as it has higher levels of vitamin C, vitamin A and dietary fibre and is lower in calories and carbohydrates.'

It would be easy to dismiss this as a gimmick but given that it's the brainchild of juice alchemists, Juice Club there's probably something in it. Juice Club started in 2012 with a small stall at London's foodie destination Maltby Street Market, selling fresh juices and beauty shots and has since built up a loyal following. According to the PR blurb their brussel sprout drinks 'form a delicious base to Pears, Cinnamon & Spice or Apples & Cranberry (from £3.95)'. For hard-core vegetable addicts there's sprout juice combined with Spinach & Kale. And you can also indulge in - *holds nose * - a single shot of brussel juice (£2.00).


So....on a scale of 1-10 (1 being spit-out-'ughhh'!) what's it like? Well, we can report the juice is actually quite nice, infact we'd rate it at about 7. You don't actually taste the brussels, instead you get fruity overtones, with a healthy-greeny underkick - very like most health smoothies, and perfect when you've partied too much and are in need of a little virtuous boost to get you feeling normal again.

And the pure shot? For hardcore green purists only. Nose pegs recommended.

Down the hatch!

*Scientific fact the humble sprout contains a chemical which tastes bitter to people who have a particular mutated gene. Approx 49% of the population have this gene.


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