The Cronut Is SO Yesterday, Here's 5 New Food Crazes That Have Got Punters Queuing Round The Block

09 September 2013 by

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Cronuts have taken the world by a delicious storm since their launch in May earlier this year. With daily queues around to block for the New York bakery that invented them, people are obsessed with half croissant, half donut. Mega model Heidi Klum even saved a seat on her private jet for the famous golden box from Dominique Ansel Bakery. If you thought the Cronut craze was just a one off though, you’d be very wrong. Here, we take a look at the latest 5 food crazes that are giving cronuts a run for their money.  

1. The Ramen Burger

ramen burger

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The ramen aficionado Keizo Shimamoto’s passion led him to Tokyo where he saw an opportunity he didn’t want to miss. Ramen burgers are big in Japan but are normally just ramen noodles in buns. Keizo however, chose to revolutionise the tasty Japanese dish by adding a distinctly American twist; his Ramen burger is an all-beef patty stuffed between fresh, chewy ramen noodles in lieu of a bun. The savoury sensation is only available in Brooklyn currently (and queues are hours long) although they did branch out to LA this past weekend. London next please!

2. Bantam Bagel



Also big in New York are Bantams; bagel bites stuffed—instead of schmeared—with a variety of fillings from flavoured cream cheeses to butter and more.

3. Crookie

crookie oreo croissant

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The Crookie is a mix of the ever popular Oreo cookie, and delicious flaky croissants. Clafouti Patisserie in Toronto, Canada created the new treat when Toronto-based publication The Grid TO challenged chef Benoit Jansen-Reynaud to make a new dessert. The cookie-croissant mix is made by stuffing croissant dough with crushed Double Stuf Oreos and icing sugar, then baking it with half an Oreo placed on top.

4. Shaved Snow (Chilly Ribbons)

chilly ribbons

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It starts with a large block of ice infused with flavours such as milk, green tea, mango and chocolate. The snow block is then placed on a spinning contraption with a razor thin blade. When the block begins to whirl the result is layers upon layers of silky thin, delicate ribbons of ice – Shaved Snow. This frozen delight is only available in Orlando, Florida (sadly) but is said to be mind-blowing delicious! Get it to England now!

5. Kit Kat Pops

kit kat pops

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The craze for inventing new foods doesn’t always produce exciting results. Kit Kat Pops are Kit Kat bars wrapped in pizza dough, covered in a generous amount of sugar – who comes up with these? These confused treats are available in the Middle East Pizza Hut division. But hey, anything filled with gooey chocolate will always get our vote.

Words: Albert Whitehead



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