The Average Office Worker Spends £7.81 On Lunch! Here's 10 Reasons Why We're Not Switching To Packed Lunches

12 March 2013 by

According to a heart-stoppingly sick-making survey out this week, the average office worker apparently spends £7.81 a day on lunch and snacks. That's nearly £90,000 over a lifetime of working. Gah. You could buy a house, an actual (very small) house with that.

If you think this doesn't apply to you (keen beans who bring in their own lunch anyway need not apply) then let's have a little think; that Tesco sandwich was £3, and did you have two Diet Cokes and a Kit Kat at snacktime? And how much was your morning coffee? We're starting to see how that number tots up now...

Despite that though, we're probably not going to give up nipping to Pret or Pure or M&S at lunchtime. For starters it gives us a little trip outside, and as busy as everyone is, there's a lot to be said for taking a little breather now and again. It also brings a bit of variety at lunchtime; the culinary world is your oyster. Will it be sandwich, soup or stew today? Who knows? Come 1PM you could have ANYTHING (within a 50 yard radius). Here's 10 reasons why we're not giving up buying our lunch and why you shouldn't either.

1. Because Your Office Fridge Looks Like This

And moving Mabel's leftover spag bol an inch to the left to squeeze in your soup is ENTIRELY FROWNED UPON.

overstocked fridge

2. Because When You Bring In Leftovers, People Judge Your Culinary Skills

It looked soooo much better last night - honest.

3. Because Buying Food Will Help The Economy

Or something...

4. Because Pret Sandwiches Look Like This

pret sandwiches

...and Your Homemade Version Looks Like This

gross sandwich

5. Because Eating The Same Thing Everyday Inspires Montony

Ham sandwich ham sandwich ham sandwich ham sandwich ham sandwich


6. Because The Queue To Use The Dodgy Microwave Looks Like This

And cold soup ain't gonna cut it.


 7. Because Lunchtime Is Your Only Time To Escape The Office

And gosh darn it, you're going to have your fifteen minutes of freedom - whatever the cost.

He has Escaped

8. Because Your Thermos Of Soup Will Do This On Your Keyboard

And facilities have banned you getting a new one after the last time.

coffee spill

9. Because It Means You'll Have Less Money To Spend On Booze

Which, let's face it, is better for all involved.

10. But Most Importantly: It'll Give You An Extra 15 Minutes In Bed

Because you can't put a price on the Land of Nod



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