Bakeries Are The New Cool Hangouts - And Sourdough Sandwiches Are The Snack To Try

10 April 2014 by

We recently pronounced that bread was back - and with it, the trend for hip bakeries (see above) making fresh, on-the-premises artisan bread (rye, spelt, flatbreads, you name it).

Along with this, there's also a growing trend for sourdough bread, a slightly tangy loaf using wild yeast. This bread has been around since Ancient Egypt and is a labour of love to make - you literally need to start the dough fermenting, store it away somewhere warm, then then 'feed it' over a few days. What you get at the end is a bread that lasts longer than other breads and is not only that but more digestible and nutritious too.  

One of the best Sourdough hotspots in the UK is  Foxcroft & Ginger a husband and wife team who run a brilliant bakery-cum-coffee stop for all things food and artisan. After spending over a decade opening successful restaurants and bars for other companies, they took the plunge and opened their flagship bakery in Soho in January 2010. Four years on and years they have just opened their second Foxcroft & Ginger in Whitechapel, London. 

Their unique sourdough is based on a secret family formula and it is so highly-regarded, it is supplied to a number of top London restaurants. It takes 48 hours to make and can also be bought in-store. Quintin and Georgina's dream has been to create laid back all day dining, offering delicious brunches, sourdough-based pizzas, creative cocktails and exquisite coffee. We suggest you get down there...STAT!

By Victoria Grier




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Vicky Freeman (Mon Apr 14 23:08:57 BST 2014): Another fantastic, informative article. Great work Vic Grier!
Giselle Mclauchlan (Tue Apr 15 09:39:01 BST 2014): Great article. Have tried to make my own sourdough but it's a lot of work. Would definitely rather go to the bakery. Always get food for thought wth vic griers articles.