Take Our Quiz: How Foodie Are You?

14 July 2013 by

 Quiz: How Foodie Are You?

So are you a whizz at dinner parties? Brilliant at baking? Reckon you know your quinoa from your freekah? (Freekah is the hot new grain - green wheat that has been lightly toasted, dontcha know.) Then take our little quiz to find out whether you could join the YBF’s (aka Young British Foodies), a group of girls currently cooking up a storm in the kitchens all over the land. From girls shaking up the cupcake world with their cute candy-coloured swirls of meringues to the star chef everyone’s talking about, we’ve picked our top five cool young foodies in this week’s issue Grazia. Many of them have started their food businesses from scratch in their own kitchens, inspired by a love of food. Mmm, food for thought - may there is a fortune to made in your signature killer chocolate cookies?

1. Your latest kitchen gadget is...

a. A set of Jamie Oliver hanging utensils (jamie-olivers-kitchen-kit.com)?

b. A SousVide SVS-10L Supreme Water Oven – ok, so it was £359 (johnlewis.com) but since you bought it your rib-eye beef has always been perfectly pink on the inside. 

?c. A corkscrew

2. The correct thing to say after sipping a Costa Rica Sonora Red Catuai is...

a. Hmm, it's clean with a refined acidity, with notes of nectarine and apricot, sweet with a gentle finish.?

b. That's a damn fine expresso.

c. Could you add some milk, please.

?3. This week you're ditching your job to...

a. Sell Burmese noodle soups from a converted vintage icecream van.

?b. Sail around the Greek islands. Life's too short to stay in a job you hate.

c. Ditch my job? Are you mad? Haven't you heard – We. Are. In. A. Recession.

4. You make your sandwiches with...

a. Supermarket sliced white

b. Sourdough bread

?c. Pugliese. Haven't you heard of it? It's Italian and made with golden Duram Flour for a slightly nutty taste.?

5. In your larder you have...

?Score 1 point for each: early harvest olive oil, spelt flour, Dijon mustard, Moscatel vinegar, Mediterranean sea salt.

?Lose 1 point for each: spices more than six months old, a stale packet of pine nuts, tin/bottle of paté that's past its sell-by date, five-year-old marinated cherries.

6. This summer you're holidaying in...?

a. Ibiza - you want to dance all night and burn all day.

?b. Cornwall - fresh seafood and surfing are your perfect combination.

?c. Peru - you've eaten hot shrimp ceviche in London; now you want to do it in a cool restaurant in Cusco.??

7. Cloud of Lemon is...?

a. The latest Middle-Eastern cookbook by star Aussie chef Greg Malouf, now chef at Petersham Nurseries

?b. A perfume created by pastry chef Jordi Roca at the world's number one restaurant, three-Michelin star El Celler de Can Roca. The scent is like the smell of one of his desserts.?

c. A flavour of Turkish delight?

ANSWERS (total up your points)

1: a)1; 2)2; 3)0?2. a)2; 2)1; 3)0?3. a)2; 2)1; 3)0?4. a)0; 2)1; 3)2?5 (see question)?6. a)0; 2)1; 3)2?7. a)0; 2)2; 3)0?


12 - 17 points: Congratulations, your YBF medal is in the post! You're passionate about food and go on, admit it, just a teeny weeny bit competitive about it too. You ate at Balthazar London before critic Jay Rayner and were the first amongst your friends to eat kimchi (Korean spicy cabbage). Time to chill. Honestly, it will make you happier.
8 – 11 points: You love good food - eating out, shopping at farmer's markets, having friends round for dinner. Heck, you'll even splash out on a Poilane sourdough loaf once in a while. You're just not an addict.
0-7 points: Foodie, schmoodie. You're hungry, you eat, that's all there is to it. What's all the fuss about?


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