Put Down The Pizza Menu People! Ella Woodward Is Going To Show Us How To Eat Well This Week

17 February 2014 by

Does your week go something like this? Saintly Monday. Slip-up-a-bit Tuesday. Slip-up-a-bit-more Wednesday. Working-late-grab-something-on-the-way-home Thursday. Give-up-any-good-intentions-left Friday?

Eating well is important but how many times do we all start off well on the Monday and then find everything goes by the wayside the minute work/life gets in the way and the week starts to speed up?

That’s why we think blogger Ella Woodward’s new recipe app is just genius. She has taken all her recipes from her blog Deliciously Ella, and organized them into this useful, easy-to-use app. Pick the dish that takes your fancy and it’ll instantly bring up the recipe and ingredients. It means is that, those nights you hurtle into a supermarket on your way home from work, you’ll be able to access over 100 deliciously, nutritionally-balanced meals at the swipe of a button. 

<Deliciously Ella App From iTunes>

Along with this app it is also important to have the right ingredients lying there and waiting for you in your kitchen cupboards when you come home from work. So we asked Ella – whose amazing story you can read here and who is currently training as a naturopathic nutritionist in London - to share with us her five essential foods that she can’t live without and ones that are capable of making the most boring meal taste amazing. All five of them make the basis of the recipes on Ella’s app>>


‘My number one is tahini – it is just incredible and transforms almost anything. I stir it into all my grains – brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat etc, as it adds a wonderfully creamy texture and a subtle but rich flavour. It’s also perfect mixed into sautéed veggies. Plus it’s full of vitamin E, which does wonders for your skin.’


<The Perfect Stirfry With Tahini>

‘Number two is apple cider vinegar – it tastes citrusy so works perfectly when you forget lemons and limes! I add it to basically everything to add a little tang. Apple cider vinegar is amazing you for too, especially as it’s incredibly alkaline.’

‘Number three is medjool dates – these beauties are just divine, I’m totally addicted to them. They really do taste like caramel and are so insanely sweet that you’ll never crave sweets again. I love them stuffed with a teaspoon of almond butter, or blended with some almonds and cacao to make raw brownies!’

‘Number four is is tamari (gluten free soy sauce) – this is the best addition to absolutely anything savoury. It adds a rich salty touch that deepens any flavour. It’s especially good in stir-fry’s, which are on of my favourite weekday suppers as they take just ten minutes or so to throw together.’


<Warm Buckwheat And Broccoli Salad Using Tamari>

‘Number five is brown rice pasta – brown rice is full of goodness, especially fibre, and it’s really easy to digest so it’s a wonderful alternative to conventional pasta. I keep my cupboards stocked with it for when I need the easiest supper. I love it tossed with tomato puree, a sprinkling of chilli flakes and some sautéed spinach with garlic.’

 <Sun-dried Tomato, Aubergine and Pine Nuts With Brown Rice Pasta



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