Meat Me At Home

10 April 2014

Perhaps I’m getting old, but recently I have begun choosing to throw elaborate dinner parties in favour of going out (and when I say elaborate, I mean some mates and a lot of food!).

Now, I pride myself on being a foodie and a feeder, especially when it comes to meat. There is not much food-wise, that makes me as happy as a well-cooked steak or a hearty pork chop. So you can imagine my utter delight when I came across Meat Me At Home, a specialized company that delivers exotic and well-sourced meat like Zebra, Kangaroo and Ostrich as well as the usual suspects (think the most delicious fillet steak you’ve have ever had!).

Last week I was invited along to a secret supper hosted by MMAH, an event that was meant to demonstrate how cheap and easy it is to throw dinner parties with a twist!

By the time I got to the house in the depths of South London I was ravenous and ready for a meat feast. I was not disappointed.

On arrival I was greeted with a (very strong) whiskey-based cocktail that had me going back to the bar a few too many times, accompanied by bruschetta bites topped with mini zebra burgers and relish. Delish! 

Guests were then treated to a demonstration of how to cook perfect (organic) smoked chicken served with orange and grapes, sounds odd but totally worked! We were encouraged to get hands on and help cook the slabs of beef that were so tasty; they needed nothing more than a pinch of salt.

Next on the menu were cones of fresh sweet potato fries to go along with joints of pork that had been roasted for 40 minutes.

And still the cocktails flowed…

The idea of the evening was to show how easy it is to cook delicious food at home when the raw ingredients are properly soured. And each course proved that. Nothing took longer than a few minutes to prepare, (save for the pork that can be popped in the oven before guests come over) or needed any seasoning, as the quality of the meat was so outstanding. 

The crew from MMAH consisted of the fabulous Bex, who, only in her mid-20s is well on her way to world (well, meat) domination, and the talented and knowledgeable Ras, who cooked up a storm in the kitchen!

Together they created a night that was full of fun, flavors, and new friends. The perfect dinner party no?

So, instead of an over-priced club night followed by a night-bus kebab, why not order some Bison and Camel from MMAH, stock the fridge with wine and get your mates round for an unforgettable dinner party with a twist!

[Photos by Mary Stevenson]


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