It's Cocktail O'Clock! Glow-In-The-Dark Lime Vodka Anyone?

29 November 2013 by

Ultraviolet Creative Cooking was set up by three friends, who describe themselves as 'molecular cuisine enthusiasts'. They say their mission is to 'spend every hour of the day discovering new flavours and creating new dishes and drinks'. And this certainly seems to ring true. Hire them for a party or new years do and they'll serve all manner of strange gastronomic creations, from crazy cocktails and alcoholic jellies to liquid nitrogen sorbets.

They've kindly donated one of their cocktail recipes below, and while some of the ingredients are unusual, most are available from large supermarkets - even the Xanthan Gum. Plus this drink a real conversation starter if ever we saw one! 

Glow In The Dark Lime Vodka with Blackcurrant 


Serves 2
100 ml of Vodka
50 ml Soda Water
50 ml Lime Juice
1 Vitamin B2 Tablet (crushed into a powder)
100 ml Blackcurrant Juice
100g Sugar
1g Xanthan Gum
Black Light (see below)

To show off your cocktail to maximum effect you need to invest in a Black Lightbulb, from £4.99, Maplin. All this is is a standard size light bulb with a special coating that produces a deep purple light and large amounts of Ultra Violet light. It makes white clothes glow brightly in the dark, fluorescent paints light up brilliantly - and is great for parties.

To make the Glowing Vodka:
Mix the vodka with the lime juice and the soda water. Add the Vitamin B2 tablet and make sure it dissolves completely. Place in the fridge and leave it to chill. 
To make the Blackcurrant Juice: 
Add the blackcurrant juice to a small pan. Mix the sugar and the xanthan gum separately and add to the pan with the juice. Take a whisk and stir gently until the liquid starts to boil. Turn down the heat and simmer for 2 minutes. Pass it through a fine sieve and leave it to cool. 
To Serve: 
Add the glowing vodka first. Then, add the thick blackcurrant juice. This should form two layers. Position your glasses on a table close to the black light and watch them glow!


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