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It's #FoodFriday! Here's Your Snaps Of All Things Delicious

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You've heard of [a href="http://www.graziadaily.co.uk/tag/manicure-monday">Manicure Monday[/a], now it's time to get on board with Grazia Daily's brand spanking new picture fun: Food Friday.

Every Friday from now on, we're going to be after your best pictures of snacks, baked goods, home-cooked meals, spectacular restaurant concoctions and/or cocktails, lots and lots of cocktails.

You can get involved by tweeting your foodie picture to [a href="https://twitter.com/GRAZIA_live" target="_blank">@Grazia_Live[/a] using the hashtag #FoodFriday. The best will then be collected into a gallery and proudly displayed on this very website.

Summer Shrimps

[a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23foodfriday&src=hash" data-query-source="hashtag_click" class="twitter-hashtag pretty-link js-nav" dir="ltr">@EmmaJEats[/a] [a href="https://twitter.com/Grazia_Live" class="twitter-atreply pretty-link" dir="ltr">@grazia_live[/a] Mozambique prawns chargrilled, a starter by my very talented other half!"

Fake Food

[a class="account-group js-account-group js-action-profile js-user-profile-link js-nav" href="https://twitter.com/_LePetitBonbon_" data-user-id="158795749">@_LePetitBonbon[/a]"[a href="https://twitter.com/Grazia_Live" class="twitter-atreply pretty-link" dir="ltr">@Grazia_Live[/a] breakfast courtesy of my 2 yr old haha."[a href="http://t.co/7OS5enlWP0" class="twitter-timeline-link" data-pre-embedded="true" dir="ltr">[/a]

Mid-Morning Snack

[a class="account-group js-account-group js-action-profile js-user-profile-link js-nav" href="https://twitter.com/larkandlily" data-user-id="259239864"> [/a][a href="https://twitter.com/Grazia_Live" class="twitter-atreply pretty-link" dir="ltr">‏@larkandlily[/a][a href="https://twitter.com/Grazia_Live" class="twitter-atreply pretty-link" dir="ltr">"@Grazia_Live[/a] crisp bread, Brie & homemade red onion chutney."

Breakfast Of Queens

Executive fashion and beauty director [a target="_blank" href="http://instagram.com/charliegrazia">Charlie Miller[/a] says, "Heavenly start to the day [a target="_blank" href="https://twitter.com/TheWolseleyRest">@thewolseleyrest[/a] No finer place for breakfast."

Huevos - Spanish Style

Rebecca Simon ([a target="_blank" href="http://instagram.com/rebecca_simon">@rebecca_simon[/a]) says, "Baked eggs with pancetta, pepper and paprika."

Homemade Bread

Editorial Assistant Jo Duckworth says, "Homemade bread rolls!"

Burger Fridays

News and Entertainment Assistant [a target="_blank" href="http://instagram.com/jess_commons">Jess Commons [/a]says, "[a target="_blank" href="https://twitter.com/gbkburgers">@GBKburgers[/a] new bunless burgers! The perfect (healthy!) Friday lunchtime treat."

Cocktail Hour

Harriet Southgate ([a target="_blank" href="http://instagram.com/harrietspice">@harrietspice[/a]) says, "Rum and raisin cocktail!"

Salmon Skin Roll?

News and Entertainment Assistant Jess Commons says, "Delicious bento box at Nobu."

Healthy Lunch

Shopping Editor Lily Russo says, "Yummy lunch from [a target="_blank" href="http://www.totaldietfood.com/">Totaldietfood.com[/a]."

Pile O' Veg

[a class="account-group js-account-group js-action-profile js-user-profile-link js-nav" href="https://twitter.com/ToziRestaurant" data-user-id="1147466910">‏@ToziRestaurant[/a], "We're getting in on this! [a href="https://twitter.com/Grazia_Live" class="twitter-atreply pretty-link" dir="ltr">@Grazia_Live[/a] [a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23foodfriday&src=hash" data-query-source="hashtag_click" class="twitter-hashtag pretty-link js-nav" dir="ltr">#foodfriday[/a] - a display of delicious fresh artichokes from our launch party."

Work Lunch

Haf Gibson ([a target="_blank" href="http://instagram.com/dollytakesatrip">@Dollytakesatrip[/a]) says, "The perks of working [a target="_blank" href="https://twitter.com/SohoHouse">@SohoHouse[/a] on a Sunday!"


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