10 Hot Tips For How To Eat Healthily Throughout The Day Courtesy Of My Petite Kitchen Cookbook's Eleanor Ozich

05 June 2014

My Petite Kitchen Cookbook author Eleanor Ozich’s tips for healthy eating

My Petite Kitchen Cookbook [Eleanor Ozich]

You know what it's like - you start the day with a healthy breakfast but after a day in the office, you've eaten half a bag of Haribo from your colleague's trip to Spain and filled up on cans of Coke because that meeting ran into your lunch hour. So how can you maintain a healthy diet from morning till night? We turned to Eleanor Ozich whose book My Petite Kitchen Cookbook features more than 100 wholefood, gluten-free, sugar-free recipes, from caramelised shallot frittata and apple and sage pork cassoulet to raspberry and coconut chocolate torte and lemon and coconut truffles. Basically, it’s healthy food made tasty!

Here are her top 10 tips for achieving (and maintaining) a healthy diet throughout the day...

1. Upon waking, I like to drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a little water. This helps to kick start your digestion and to naturally remove any toxins.

2. Start the day with a nourishing and wholesome meal.  I love to have free range eggs cooked in ghee or butter for a good dose of healthy fats, with a small selection of fruit. If you are short on time, a smoothie is a great option too.

3. Try to plan simple meals that you are more inclined to prepare if you have limited time to spend in the kitchen. Bircher muesli made with oats, quinoa, or rice flakes can be prepared the night before, for a quick and wholesome breakfast.

4. Drink plenty of water! When I have forgotten to stay hydrated, I am more often craving not so healthy food choices.

5. Make batches of food at the weekend. If you are spending an afternoon cooking in your kitchen, you might as well double the batch of soup or casserole, so that you have leftovers for later in the week. I love to have plenty of meals stored in the freezer for when I am caught off guard.

6. Keep a well stocked pantry. Stock up on wholesome ingredients such as lentils, preserved tomatoes and  plenty of seeds, nuts, herbs and spices. I find that even when there is nothing left in the fridge, I am still able to cook up a lovely meal using what I have stored away in the pantry.

7. Have snacks to hand. Make your own wholesome baking, or small containers filled with dried fruit and nuts. I try to have these snacks in my handbag at all times for when I am feeling a little peckish.

8. Grow as much as you can no matter how much space you have.  Think herbs on your windowsill, sprouts on your kitchen bench. There is something so satisfying about enjoying food you have grown yourself, and fantastic to have on hand for when you are about prepare something delicious.

9. Plan and write lists before you go shopping. This way you have a better idea of what you will need for the week’s meals, and don’t end up having to nip out again to grab something, or buy extra ingredients that aren’t necessary.

10. Get creative! We find that when it nears the end of the week and the fridge and cupboards are bare, this is when we muster up the most exciting and flavorsome dishes, using ingredients that you wouldn’t normally experiment with.


My Petite Kitchen Cookbook by Eleanor Ozich (£16.99), published by Murdoch Books. See www.petite-kitchen.com for more details.



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