Honestly Healthy Brings The Alkaline Diet Right To Our Doorstep

11 June 2013 by

honestly healthy fridge fill

It's the slow-burning trend that's taking the celebrity diet world by storm. The alkaline diet is great for your digestive system, can give you clearer skin, increased energy, stronger immunity and better sleep - and now you can now get it delivered straight to your door.

The boffins over at Honestly Healthy explained the alkaline concept for us. "Food groups behave differently in the body – some provide energy (carbohydrates), whilst others are the very rebuilding and repairing blocks of our bodies and brains (proteins) – and yet others feed our neurological systems, regulate our hormones, and protect us against damage and disease (essential fats). How these foods behave in the body is broken down into two classes – acid and alkaline. Our bodies function best when in an overall alkaline state, PH 7.365 and yet much of our current eating trends and diets are very acid-forming in the body, leading to internal stress on the digestive and other systems." Bam - so there you go.

Honestly Healthy's Fridge Fill 3 Day Lifestyle is a food delivery concept designed to get you through the hump of the week with super-yummy meals for breakfast lunch and dinner (plus snacks!) delivered straight to your door. We tried it out last week and were super-impressed with the meal. Some of the dishes on offer last week were, for breakfast - scrambled egg and asparagus or spinach muffins with goats cheese and thyme dip. For lunch Moroccan quinoa salad and a carrot and carraway soup and for dinner there were black bean burgers with artichoke chips and a smoked tofu with roasted aubergine salad. Snacks consisted of yummy juices in the morning (beetroot, carrot and ginger anyone?) and delicious light bites for the afternoon lull such as edamame beans with a soy and ginger dressing. YUM.

A slight case of the flu meant we weren't ideal test cases for how 3 days of eating alkaline made us feel but with fans like Kirsten Dunst, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, it's definitely got some serious kudos behind it. Victoria Beckham even got in on the action earlier this year. One thing's for certain, we certainly felt lighter at the end of it and even better - we weren't hungry. Hooray!

Book your 3 Day Lifestyle Fridge Fill here.


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