Turns Out We're Not All Great Bakers, Here's Some Pinterest Food Fails To Restore Your Faith In Humanity

25 June 2013 by

We’ve all done it. Yes, you over there with the iPhone hovering over your freshly made batch of cookies, vigorously applying different filters to achieve that perfect ‘baking’ ambiance. But most of the time, before we even get a chance to show off our incredible culinary skills to the world, it all goes incredibly wrong. Websites like Pinterest are often to blame for making us think that creating perfect little cupcakes is actually a piece of cake. Well, we can confirm they most certainly are not, and neither are half the magnificently ‘simple’ cooking ideas that we see on the internet. Here are some of our favourite hilarious fail moments for your enjoyment.

How About Some Tasty Spicy Mozzarella Bites...?

Waffle Cookies? Great Idea!

Pepper Eggs, How Sweet!

Chocolate Covered Kiwi On A Stick? Genius! What A Perfect Summer Treat! Thanks Pinterest.

A Rainbow Layered Cake Looks Easy Enough...

How About Chocolate Chip Pancakes?

No? How About Some Shark Cupcakes Then?

A Train Cake - Amazing!

We think you get the idea. Thank you websites and cookery books all over the world for making us feel completely and utterly useless in the kitchen. Maybe we ought to try going to nice restaurants and taking photos of the food there instead…
By Rosie Baker-Williams


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